Thursday, February 7, 2019

Feng Shui tips for making babies

This article assumes you are biological capable of producing a baby AND your Bazi birth chart shows you have children in your chart.  But for whatever reason, you have problem conceiving a baby.  Then we suspect it has something to do with your house Feng Shui.

Here are some Feng Shui tips to help you overcome this baby-making difficulty.

Feng Shui separates your house into 8 major sectors:  N, S, E, W, NE, SE, SW and NW.  Each direction handles some functions and representations.

North stands for water and reproductive system for Feng Shui.  When this sector has Feng Shui problem, the residents will likely have reproductive illnesses.  Hence the North sector of your house must have correct Feng Shui arrangement before you can make any baby.  (Free bonus here:  fix this sector if you have impotence or ED problem)

In Yi-jing ("Book of Changes"), young boy is represented by Gen trigram or NE sector.  Pre-heaven location of Gen is in NW and post-heaven location is in NE.  Hence, if you want a baby boy,  make sure the Feng Shui of NE and NW sector of your house are not messed up.  Otherwise, the boy born will be a weakling.  Gen is earth and NW is metal in nature.

Dui trigram or West represents young girl in Yi-jing.  Pre-heaven location of Dui is SE and post-heaven is West.  Hence, if you want a baby girl, you make sure this two sectors are clean and the appropriate Feng Shui setup, especially if you want a pretty girl.  SE is wood and West is metal in nature.

Before you fix the baby Feng Shui, fix the North side first because you need a working reproductive system before you can make babies.

"Ken, you have not told us what is appropriate Feng Shui for these sectors."

This is simple Bagua Feng Shui.  Consult your Feng Shui teacher or books for details.  Simply put, do not put things that clash the elemental nature of a specific sector.  For example, water is the elemental nature of North sector, avoid putting earth element there and put things that will strengthen water, especially if you have impotency problem  (please donate your saving in Viagra to charity).

Special Chinese New Year Bonus:  North, West and NW also stand for wealth and career luck.  SE stands for academic luck.  Fix up the Feng Shui in these sectors will also help procreation, wealth, career and academic progress.

Ken Lai
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