Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Show me the money

In 2003, I had read the 4P chart of a friend's 6 year old boy.  The kid is a strong jia-wood day-master with wealth and output elements in both stems and branches.  It is a good "shi-shang (output) produces wealth" profile.  The only problem is metal (control) is very weak and only shows up in hidden elements.

I told the boy that he will be rich when he grows up.  Even at the age of 6, this kid seemed to understand the concept of "rich".  He told his mother, "I will buy a big mansion and won't let you (parents) live with me."   His mother was really irritated.

Now this boy is 14 and cannot part with his IPad for more than 5 minutes.  He plays with it even during dinner and updates his Facebook page continuously.
Unfortunately, his mother is also a Facebook addict.

Anyway, his mother worries about the boy's lack of interest in academic learning and anything that is regarded as "work".  He thinks he will be rich and therefore no need to work hard at all.

"Ken, your 4P reading made him think money will fall from the sky into his pocket.  Could you come and tell him that he has to WORK for the money?"  My friend said.

I have similar experience with other 4P clients.  They got excited to know that they have a wealth luck coming.  But they just waited and did nothing.  Of course,  money will not knock at their doors.  Then they blame the messenger--- the 4P reader.

When your 4P shows that you have a wealth luck coming, it just means you will have a better chance of making money than usual IF you are actively doing something to make money.  Heaven will not throw money at you if you just sit down, wait and do nothing.

God helps those who help themselves.

Ken Lai

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Personality, luck and Feng Shui

In 2008, I had blogged about "Grandma's Tou-fu Dessert" and argued that luck is more important than Feng Shui.

I was in Hong Kong last month and checked out Grandma's Tou-fu dessert again.  She still stays in the same location and as usual, there is a crowd in front of her store.  Her competition across the street was no longer there.  Of course, I had gulped down a few bowls of her tasty and smooth Tou-fu dessert.

Why Grandma does not open more Tou-fu stores?

I had also checked out the top secret green bean soup dessert location near Apliu street of Shum Shui Po district.  Apliu street is the location of Hong Kong's famous flea market for electronics.

A middle-aged woman that people called "Green Bean Lady" sells cups of green bean soup dessert near a pawn-shop on the pavement.  She has no storefront, not even a kiosk or cart.  She has the paper cups with dessert put inside a tin bucket and stands near the pawnshop's building pillar.

Old customer passing by will raise his hand  and she will give him a cup of green bean dessert.  She turns her head around frequently to see if any policeman is coming because she is not licensed to sell prepared food.  Strangers may think she is selling cracks.

She has the best tasting green bean dessert in Hong Kong.  Her "stand" is one of the "must-visit" when I return to Hong Kong.  I had asked her once how come her dessert is so tasty.  Her secret is using traditional stone cookware to prepare the green bean dessert with seaweeds.

A few years ago, I had asked her, "You have a great product.  Why don't you open a shop to sell your green bean dessert and maybe eventually open many branches or do franchising and become filthy rich?"

Green Bean Lady just laughed her head off and replied, "Talk is easy!"

I should have brought Tony Robbins along to give her a motivational talk or simply threw her out from 20000 feet above the sky to build up her confidence.

I have estimated her income from this low profile selling is at best about the income of a laborer.

Obviously, Green Bean Lady is neither in good luck nor in bad luck.  She does not seem to be aggressive or eager to expand her "business".  In other words, her personality affects her risk-taking or business behaviors.

Besides social environment influences, one's personality is primarily "born with" or what we call "pre-heaven".  We may use astrological methods like 4P (Bazi) or ZWDS to analyze one's personality make-up.

Comparing Grandma of Grandma's Tou-fu to Green Bean Lady, we can see the effect of luck and probably personality on risk-taking.  Grandma takes the risk of renting a store and moves around when landlord raises her rent.  Green Bean Lady also sells but does not take the plunge of renting a storefront.  Her marketing style limits her business growth.  Grandma will probably accumulate a sizable wealth eventually.  Green Bean Lady is likely running in circles or staying in the same economic strata.

What is the morale of this story?  Find a Bazi reader to read your 4P birth chart to see if you are in good luck period and have what it takes to run a business (or take my "4P Bootcamp" video course).

Ken Lai

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Can a cat override bad Feng Shui?

This is an amazing story about a stray cat and the firemen of a small fire station in an Asian city.

This small fire station has less than 10 firemen and is located at the edge of a cliff.  The back of the station is on the steep side of the cliff and hence it has  no "support mountain".  The front of the station faces a vertical boulder and a semi-circular road or "sickle sha" (in Feng Shui terms) cutting into the main entrance.  The layout of the building is like a stretched "U" with the right-hand side longer than the left side.

Feng Shui predictions for people of this station are:  major accident or injury happens at least once every 3- 6 years to member of  certain Chinese zodiac animal signs, high turnover, scandals, and bickering.

In reality,  people consider stationing in here is a "plum job" , like taking a vacation while working.  Working life here is peaceful and enjoyable.

The unusual feature of this fire station is that it has adopted a stray cat Mary despite the local belief that adopting a stray cat is inauspicious to one's wealth luck.

Firemen here do not know when this cat was adopted due to routine job rotations in the Fire Department.  They only know Mary was adopted over 10+ years ago.  So Mary should be 12- 14 years old or is equivalent to 70+ years old in human terms.

Everyone treats Mary as if she is the patron saint of the fire station.  They believe Mary protects them from major mishaps.  Even when a new boss takes over the station at regular intervals, he dares not remove Mary because the firemen may feel insecure.

Mary is the famous feline within the local fire department.

A few years ago, Mary was hit by a car and suffered massive injuries.  The firemen in the station believe that she took the "hit" for them.  They had raised about US$2000 among themselves for Mary's surgery.

When I saw Mary in this fire station, I put my hand over her head and felt her energy.  She looks like an earth-god or nymph or mountain god to me.

Does this cat override the bad Feng Shui of this fire station?  My answer can be "yes" and "no".  "Yes" because this cat may have supernatural power.  "No" because it is not really about the cat's power, whether supernatural or not.  It is about the kindness of the firemen adopting this stray cat and treat it like a god.  This collective kindness generates a huge positive energy that shields the firemen from negative Feng Shui energy. 

What can you learn from this story?  Go to the "death row" of your local animal humane society and adopt a cat or dog. Death row cats or dogs are the one that no one wants to adopt due to their old age or physical characteristics.  This type of adoption is as good as saving a life and will  generate more positive energy around you.   This positive energy will shield you from misfortunes.

Ken Lai
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