Thursday, June 21, 2012

Extra Strength Dragon-boat Water-- FREE

Current year's Dragon Boat Festival falls on this coming Saturday  (June 23, bing-wu month).

Chinese collect "dragon-boat water" for cleansing because the day is the "yangest" day in the year.  It is called dragon-boat water because Chinese run dragon-boat races on water during this festival.

Negative energy is considered as "yin".  The cure for it is to apply yang energy.  Dragon-boat water is collected during the yangest day and hour of the year and so it has a high level of yang energy.

For 2012, Ren-Chen, the year of water-dragon year, the water should be "extra strong" due to current year is a yang water dragon year.

To get your FREE dragon-boat water, simply turn on your water tap between 11:00- 13:00 on this coming Saturday and collect the water.

Dragon-boat water is good for cleansing like:
-- spray it on your body after visiting hospital, funeral home, cemetery, etc.
-- your home has many sickness lately
-- your feel depressed (take shower with it or spray on your body)
-- drink it (if you have chronic sickness,
(boil it first!)but don't drink too much)
-- cleansing unknown objects like the antique you bought from Goodwill
-- cleansing your home/ office or simply cleaning your home with it.

I had a few gallons of dragon-boat water collected a few years ago and was left near a window with sun shining everyday.  The water does not turn green and stays crystal clear.

We probably will see some people selling dragon-boat water on eBay soon.

Ken Lai

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Friday, June 8, 2012

4-Pillars Bootcamp Plus Edition

"4P Bootcamp" is my most popular live seminar and video course since 2005.  It targets people who need a solid knowledge of 4-Pillars but do not want to take more than one 4P course.

Besides the  almost encyclopedic nature in the original, the new 2012 Plus Edition adds the followings:

New easy to use 10K Years Calendar with 150 years of data— it handles both solar and lunar calendars,  good for any Chinese metaphysics date-related tasks (except QMDJ’s Ju# is not included).  It is also much easier to use than the previous version (also included in the course DVD) with dates shown using standard numbers and not Chinese numbers.

Special Bonus: 60 Binomials Predictions based on Day Pillar.  Other schools have dragged this topic into a one-week course and made  it sound like ambiguous horoscopic reading with no focuses.  We simply have selected the most accurate predictions based on numerous case histories and shrunk 100's pages into 10 useful pages.

Special Bonus: Quantitative Bazi with an easy to use mathematical formula that converts a natal chart into numbers to calculate the strength of a day-master.  It troubleshoots borderline charts with amazing accuracy.

Now the course manual has over 300 pages plus a 153 pages PDF file for the 10K Years Calendar.  Manual includes hundreds of tables and special cheat sheets that you will use like a Bazi dictionary all the time.  The course comes with 13 hours of menu-driven video with 50% of video covering materials not included in the manual.

The materials included in this course will take other schools 2 to 3 weeks of live seminars to cover.  This could possibly be the best deal for 4-Pillars or Bazi studies.

In addition, course fee includes membership to the 4PBC online discussion list.  The message archive contains hundred of messages, new case materials and secrets too valuable to be included in course manual (so only legitimate course members will get it).  You can also ask questions and discuss issues with the instructor and other students on the list.

If you want more details, you may log into the website address below.
Thank you for reading this message!

Ken Lai

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