Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Naming and Triple Strength Chinese Characters

Sometimes you may find some Chinese names have an abundance of certain 5-elements prefixes or suffixes like water or wood.  You can deduce that water or wood is the favorable element (yong shen) or the element in shortage of the name owners.  Using characters containing one of the 5-elements to enhance the 4-Pillar chart is one of the remedies used to enhance the fortune and blessing of a person in the Chinese metaphysics of naming.

The following list contains Chinese characters that people used to beef up their element in shortage.

[xīn], triple metals here, no particular meaning other than lots of metal
[ sēn ], triple wood, means "forest"
[miǎo], triple water, means tide water
  [yàn]. triple fire, means flame
[yáo], triple earth, means high mountains

Besides "5-elements fixes" with prefixes and suffixes in Chinese characters with one's name, naming in terms of animal is another common practice.

By naming one as "dragon", "tiger", "panther" or even "ox", hopefully, the desirable characteristics of that particular animal will be infused to the person's personality makeup.  This is an inexpensive way of molding one's personality.

Ken Lai

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