Sunday, April 27, 2014

Accidental Feng Shui Battle

A few years ago, I put my surplus "wealth cat" figurine, a relic from my old retail business,  in the NE window of my house.

In terms of  Feng Shui's 24 mountains (directions), cat is "yin" and it is put in the NE side.

The NE side of my house is my left side neighbor Vic's SW side.  He has a SW window facing my NE window.  He saw this strange looking cat statue staring and waving its paw towards his house and felt threatened.  He knows that I teach metaphysics and wondered if I tried to voodoo him.

So he put up a  triangular "777" sticker on his SW windows to deflect my wealth cat energy.  I guess "7" is considered lucky number in western thought.  You hit the jackpot when you get "7-7-7" in a slot machine.

However, "7" is not a lucky number in traditional Chinese thought.  The Chinese count the period or unit of one's passing in terms of 7 days like the "first seventh" refers to the first 7 days after one's death. The 49 days after death is the "last seventh" which marks the day the departed goes to heaven or hell.

But to me, "777" can be interpreted as hitting the jackpot which is great.  In terms of Yi-jing, I can also see "777" as a "Ming " or "immaturity" hexagram, which is an accurate reflection of reality:  two "old" teenagers goofing around.

Last year (2013),  San Sha ("3-killings") negative energy were in yin, mao and chen mountains (directions) .  I had removed the wealth cat and put a pair of Ki-lun figurines there to fix San Sha.

Vic saw two new monsters replacing the fat cat and panicked.  He had responded with putting two cat figurines,  a tile with a heart drawn on it and a "444" sticker on top of the original "777". Who the hell did he get the ideas from?  I had laughed my head off when I saw this hodgepodge of objects and numbers.

Chinese dislike the number 4 because "4" sounds like "death".  But I see "444" as a different number without 4 with some mental twists.

"444" over "777" forms the "Heng 恆" or  "consistency" hexagram with Yi-jing.  It means old habits do not hurt but could be changed for the better.

With two cats sitting on SW side of the house, it will dampen his wife's grip on him (Do you know why?).  Vic at least gets some benefits out of this accidental Feng Shui battle.

Vic and me are both metal daymasters.  Cat is classified as wood in terms of elemental nature in Chinese metaphysics. Wood is the wealth element to a metal daymaster.  But wood is my favorable element but unfavorable to Vic because he is a weak daymaster (please refer to my previous blog on wealth potential).  So his cat figurines will not affect me or even bring me some money but may drive him to overspend or lose some wealth opportunities.

I will give him a Feng Shui talk when my lawn needs mowing.  He had traded a few rounds of lawn mowing for metaphysics advice with me before (Ken note: Yes, the lest that you can get for taking my courses is to trade the knowledge for lawn-mowing service).

If you want to learn these numerology and hexagram symbology, you can take my "Destiny and Luck Management: Forecasting and Decision Support System".

Ken Lai

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Traditional Chinese Date-Selections and South Korean Ferry Disaster

On April 16,  I was saddened by the news of the South Korean Ferry disaster and wondered if it has any correlation to the metaphysical properties of the date.   I had written the following message to my "Practical Date-Selection Methods" discussion list:

This ferry took off at April 15, around 9 pm.

I ran a date-selection program which gives results from different traditional Chinese date-selection methods.  It is about 50% for and 50% against traveling in April 15 . (see enclosed pix if you can read Chinese).

But out of the numerous results from this Chinese program, three pieces of data are most relevant:

1. The Purple White Star of the day is 5-yellow disaster star and the likely sailing hour is 2-black sickness star bing-xu hour.  Combination of 5-yellow and 2-black is the worst combination in Purple White Star Astrology.

2. One of the month San-sha locations is south. The ferry had sailed towards south from north. Year San-sha is in the north.

3. The date is a Wu-chen month, bing-chen day, sailing hour likely was wu-xu hour (9 pm).  Chen-dragon clashes Xu-dog.  So the hour clashed both the month and day.

I ran Qi-Men-Dun-Jia day pan for the day, south has Shang-gate (hurt) with bing-ren (heaven and earth pans fighting). It is not the worst direction for the chart. SE palace has xin-yi (white tiger) was the worst direction. I wonder if the ferry was off-course to SE.

Anyway, from this unfortunate case, we can see that choosing the right date-selection method is also based on your luck (for choosing the "right" method).  But it seems basic traditional stuff like purple white star and San-sha, 5-yellow and the date breakers, are still your best bet. You don't really need fancy methods.

Now let's pray for miracles for the missing passengers in that ferry.

Ken Lai

Friday, April 25, 2014

Factors Affecting Wealth Potential in 4P/ Bazi

After figuring out the wealth potential of his 4P birth chart,  a new student of my "4P Bootcamp" wrote:

"Realizing that my chart doesn't have much wealth in it has been a big relief.  It's allowed me to break my attachment to thinking that I should be attaining, or measuring up to my preconceived idea.  It's been a relief to let go of the goal/judgement, and just focus on the cultivation, intention and effort of the moment."

This is real positive thinking at its best.  It obliterates the need to take any motivational seminars or buy any self-help books.  It will save him tons of money too.

However, a 4P chart with few or no wealth elements does not necessarily imply the chart-owner (daymaster) will be poor or wealth-deprived.

To honor this student with this refreshing attitude, I hereby "spill some beans" about wealth element in 4P/ Bazi.  Of course, you can read the whole thing in my "4P Bootcamp" manual and videos (Note:  one of the secrets of wealth is to get people buying your courses).

It is a common misconception that the more wealth elements a 4P chart has, the richer will be the person.

The number of elements in your natal 4P chart shows only potential for wealth and not certainty to get wealth.  Luck periods, especially 10-years luck, affect one's wealth potential greatly too.

A chart with strong or numerous wealth elements (2+) can be a poor person if the daymaster is weak. This is called "poor person living in a grand mansion".  He could be a servant in the mansion or a teller in a bank.  He will get even poorer when wealth luck period comes.  This is called "weak daymaster cannot handle wealth".  His wealth luck will soar when running into peer luck (bi-jian) periods because his daymaster becomes strong (and has the energy to pick up the wealth).

A chart with few or no wealth elements (zheng-cai/ pian-cai) may get wealth when the daymaster runs into 10-years and annual wealth luck periods for strong daymaster and peer luck periods for weak daymaster.  However, to make meaningful or substantial wealth, one needs to have at least a 10-years wealth luck period and preferably two consecutive 10-years wealth luck period.  Annual wealth luck will be likely "money-comes-money-goes" scenarios.

There are more finer points about wealth potentials, like charts with strong daymaster and few wealth elements are likely to jinx wife and father, weak daymasters with numerous wealth may be beaten up by wives and who can or cannot keep the wealth.........

Ken Lai
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mudslides Buried Feng Shui Master Alive

A Hong Kong celebrity Feng Shui Master Zheng went to China for a Yin Feng Shui reburial job in March 30 (Geng-zi day) 2014,  A rare "black rain" thunderstorm came causing mudslide in the cemetery and buried him and 6 others alive.

The incident happened when they lowered the coffin to the grave. Due to custom, women were requested to stay away and thus no female died.

Geng-zi day is a year-breaker day. (zi clashes wu-year). In addition, the date  fan-yin (clashing) Grand Duke Jia Wu from head to toe.  The wrath of Grand Duke is horrific-- 6 deaths and one injured.

Check out this video even though it is in Cantonese dialect:

You may ask:  a famous Feng Shui master should have known a breaker date is not a good day to do important tasks, especially a reburial.

However, there are date-selection systems that do not care about traditional inauspicious or taboo dates like year breaker, San Sha and etc.,  like QMDJ and Gui-Gu-Zi methods.  Master Zheng might be using something like that because it is inconceivable to do a reburial without doing a date-selection to avoid clashing the deceased and the living. 

This is why I always remind my students to stay away from traditional inauspicious dates even the date-selection  system that they employ does not care about these taboos.  Besides,  some clients may have general knowledge of these taboo dates and question them if they use those dates.  

In 2007, the 35W Bridge in Minnesota also had collapsed in a breaker day.

Do not do anything important or potentially changing destiny of someone during an inauspicious date. 

RIP Master Zheng

Ken Lai