Monday, March 30, 2009

The time has come--- Feng Shui Expert Witness!

From newspapers and TV soap operas, we see many expert witnesses of handwriting, dental, fire, psychology, electronics and so on, were hired to say "nice things" for their clients and nasty stuff for their adversaries in courts.

I ask myself, "When will Feng Shui people get a crack on this expert witness business?"

My prayer was answered today.

Today, Reuters has a report about the late Hong Kong tycoon Nina Wang's estate court fight:

In a nutshell, Nine Wang had willed her US$12 billion estate to charity in 2002. After she died of cancer in 2007, her secret lover Tony Chan, a married businessman and feng shui enthusiast, suddenly claims to have a 2006 will that grants him the sole beneficiary of Wang's estate.

Wang's orginal beneficiary, Chinachem Charitable Foundation, uses Feng Shui as one of the reasons to discredit Tony Chan in court. They hire Feng Shui experts to write testimonials to accuse "Chan of duping Wang out of her fortune by promising the tycoon eternal life through his feng shui services."

I envision one day that people will use Feng Shui defense/offense like people use the insanity defense today. This means more work opportunities for our Feng Shui graduates!

"Bad Feng Shui made me kill this SOB!."

"This guy had used Feng Shui trick to scam me out of $100!"

Feng Shui teachers, it's about time to work on a course for "Feng Shui Expert Witness".

Ken Lai
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why 2009 has so many plane crashes?

Now is late March and it seems the current year has an unusually high number of plane crashes.

Newspaper reports that there are 2 new plane crashes in last weekend.

People ask me why all the crashes? Here is my attempted answer:

2009 is Ji-chou or earth-ox year. The 5-element nature of ox is also earth. So earth energy is very strong this year.

Chou is the "tomb" or storage of metal element. Si-you-chou (snake-rooster- ox) is the 3-unity metal combinations in the Chinese stem and branch system.

"You" is rooster (bird) and metal in nature. It can be interpreted as airplane.

In post-heaven bagua or lao-shu chart, west is occupied by the 7-metal star. You-metal is also located in the same area.

For year 2009's annual star chart, 2-sickness (earth) star flies to the west direction. This has two implications:
1. it adds more earth to the region
2. in Chinese numerology, 2-7 means fire, so the fire adds more earth to the region.

In short, there are excessive earth energy in 2009. In 4-Pillars, there is a term called "too much earth will bury metal".

With 2-7 fire in the you-metal region and the strong chou metal-tomb energy, some "flying birds" crashed and burned and ended up in the metal tomb.

Ken Lai

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

4-Pillars Perspective on Mate-selection

The following is a common 4-Pillars question on marriage:

"According to 4 Pillars, can a person ( male ) born inthe year of Ox marry a person ( female ) born in the year ofsheep, even though there is a direct clash ? I have observedseveral such cases wherein such married couple get alongvery well with each other !"

Chou (ox) and Wei (sheep) are basically the same--- earth, so clashes between the two are not that antagonistic like monkey (shen-metal) clashing tiger (yin-wood).

Also Chou is "metal storage" and Wei is "wood storage". If a person or DM needs such storage, it will work well with a spouse who brings it to the pot.

I also found, in some rare cases, a person's clashing animal sign may also be the "nobleman" of the person.

Besides, animal clash is only part of the equation. You still have to look at the day pillars between the potential couple-- to see if there are clashes or combinations. You prefer combinations in this case. It means attraction and getting along between the two. Clashes mean fighting.

Then come to the most important part-- (contents are posted in "4P Bootcamp" discussion list).

This 4P principle on mate-selection can also be applied to business partner selection and hiring of employees or looking for your "helpful people".

Ken Lai
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