Friday, November 27, 2009

"My current luck sucks, ..........."

"My current luck sucks, ..........."

The last thing people will say is:  "because I'm an ass or I did something bad."

For Chinese in Taiwan, they are likely to say, "It must be something wrong with my fortune or Feng Shui.  Let me consult a lao-shi."  Lao-shi means "teacher" or "master" in Chinese.  People in Hong Kong will pretty much say the same thing, except they call lao-shi as shi-fu.

They luckier ones may have their own steady fortune-teller who is more than likely, also a Feng Shui master.

The master will check the client's 4-pillar or ZWDS chart and see if the client is in a bad annual or 10-year luck period.  If there is nothing wrong with luck period, the master will suggest checking the Feng Shui of client's residence.   If there is nothing wrong with client's house Feng Shui, the master will suggest checking the tomb Feng Shui of client's deceased close-relatives.

For those who do not have a trusted master, they are likely running into not-so capable "master" who will mess up their Feng Shui even more --- due to their current bad luck!

I have taught some seminars in Mexico in the last few years.  For Mexicans, at least for those that I run into, when faced with  "My current luck sucks, ..........." situation, their likely response will be:

"Someone has voodooed me!"

This seems to be a "standard" response from South Americans as even their leaders like Venezuela's Chavez have their own voodoo guys.

According to them, the "sign" that someone has done witchcraft on you is that your home suddenly has flies flying around.  They will need to find a more powerful voodoo guy to expell the spell on them.

No wonder my "Daoist talismans for Feng Shui and Blessing" course is the most popular course there.  It has a section on protection from voodoo.

Ken Lai

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

PhD and migrant worker

I have read an interesting story from a Chinese website.  A factory in a major Chinese city has imported a bar soap packaging production line.  The line has rampant problems of not putting the soap into the box.  The factory owner had found a PhD in automation to solve this empty-box problem.

The PhD in turn had recruited another 10+ people to reseach the problem.  They finally have integrated micro-electronics, X-ray and mechanical technology to design a system to tackle the empty-box problem.  This costs the factory over half-million dollars.

When packaged soap box without the bar inside passing through the sensors of this system, a mechanical hand will push the box out of the moving belt.

Another factory located in a small town in southern China has imported the same bar soap packaging line. This factory is staffed mostly by migrant workers from the countryside.

The factory owner was very agitated when discovering the empty-box problem.  He grabbed a migrant worker out of the production line and yelled, "Solve this f___ing problem for me or your ass is on the line!"

This migrant worker had found a solution quickly-- he put up an electric fan, set it to highest blowing speed at the end of production.  Empty boxes will be blown away when coming.   The fan costs less than $200.

"Hi Ken,  does this soap packaging story has anything to do with Feng Shui or Chinese metaphysics?"

Almost every trade can learn something from this story.  Here are some of the lessons:

1. There are many solutions to the same problem
2. Not the "latest and greatest" answer or technology are the best solution or cost-effective.
3. Simple solution that does the same thing is better than complicated solution
4. PhDs are not necessarily smarter than you, but for sure they cost you more

In Feng Shui, "the latest and greatest" are likely be the ones that did not work too well in distant past and got recycled as the latest secret recently "released". 

Some Feng Shui problems can be solved by simple 5-element adjustments, forms (Feng Shui) or even using bagua theory.  Instead,  some people hire "famous" or expensive Feng Shui masters who likely will turn your house upside down with major remodeling or tilt your doors.

Ken Lai

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Approaches to handle the "missing" birth hour problem

A major problem affecting the accuracy of Bazi or most astrological methods is the "missing" or inaccurate birth hour reported.  

Astrological method like Zi-Wei-Dou-Shu is more birth hour sensitive than Bazi.  An incorrectly reported birth hour will affect the final reading drastically.  Bazi is more day-pillar focused, but sometimes incorrect hour will turn the reading upside-down!

The followings are some approaches to estimate the hour data using client's (DM):

1.  personality to estimate the hour
2.  birth order
3.  hair-ring on the head
4.  sleeping posture
5.  face shape
6.  length comparisons of certain fingers
7.  year moved, immigrated, major travel, career change

"Ken, which method do you use?"

"I plug in the 12 possible Chinese hours into the chart and see which hour fits the life experience of the client better."

"This takes a lot of time!"

"Not really when you use a 4P chart plotting program.  There is one such program that you can use in my website for free.  I can run through 12 possible hours in less than 10 minutes." 

Not everyone can use computer to do 4P charts, so the most common approach is doing 3 different charts-- one according to the hour reported, one "minus one hour" from the reported hour and one "plus one" hour.

When everything fails, my last resort is pulling out my cell phone.

"Call your friend or .......?"

This is my lineage secret.  You have to come to my class to get it.

Ken Lai

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Funny lineage math

Disclaimer:  Ken Lai is neither a lineage-hugger nor a "no-lineage independent".  He is a "whatever works" opportunist regardless of the origin.

A common criticism of the lineage system is the practice of "keeping a hand" (留一手  liú yī shǒu; witholding some secrets) by the Sifu (teacher) from his disciples.  This practice is probably as popular if not more common today than ancient times.

In the old days, choosing an "indoor student" was like picking a life-long partner.  The master checked everything and especially the moral character of the potential student.  The student will serve the master  from cleaning his toilet to carry his luopan for many years before getting some "real knowledge".   Today, this type of fellowship is replaced by commodity economy -- paying a huge sum of money to the master.  There are cases of "guaranteed indoorship" without even looking at the incoming student provided US$5000 or more is paid.  It is like selling a franchise to the student who will in turn market the same thing as soon as he "graduates".  The master has more incentive to "keep a hand" to maintain his "upperhand"  because people are more materialistic than those in the old days.

Some critics frequently use a simple math formula to discredit the lineage system.  The logic is simple:  if every generation keeps 10% secrets from the next generation, a lineage will have nothing left after 10 to 12 generations.

This argument is mathematically and even logically sound.  It is an example of simplistic or deceptive reasoning using numbers.  It assumes:

1.  the lineage's knowledge-base does not grow over generations
2.  "keeping a hand" always happens, even between father and son situation
3.  the junior generation will always be satisfied with whatever craps that previous generation gave them
4.  the junior generation will not THINK and develop their own solution when critical info is witheld

If you do not believe my arguments, just look at how many different "varieties" of Flying Star Feng Shui out there--- at least 10+ with variations from funny ways of flying the stars, counting yang-yin, tai-ji, periods to mixing concepts with other schools.  Most come with their own re-interpretations of Feng Shui classics like the "Green Satchel Classic".   All claim to be "authentic". Same scenario with Bazhai Feng Shui.

Therefore, this "keeping a hand" practice actually simulates creativity and explorations instead of killing or diluting the lineage system.  People are always curious and trying to "figure out" if something are missing or witheld. Whether the end results are positive or negative will be another long discussion.  Everything comes in a package of both good and not so good.

Ken Lai

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Heaven's secrets: No transfer to the morally decrepit"

Yesterday, I accidentally opened a digitally-scanned version of my Feng Shui sifu's hand-written manuscript that I had received years ago but never read.  The document has less than 70 pages.

The first sentence of first page had this written: " XXXXXX School Yang Residence Concepts: HEAVEN'S SECRETS: NO TRANSFER TO THE MORALLY DECREPIT" (匪人勿傳  fěi rén wù chuá).

The manuscript lists the XXXXX School version of yin-yang, forms, tai-ji, XKDG, sha neuralizations, sha-fighting, luopan design, water methods and even date-selection with 30% space in diagrams --- all in less than 70 pages!  It even specifies which item is top lineage secret and warns about the indiscriminate transfer to the "wrong" people will cut short your blessings or even your life.

In the "Sha-fighting" section, the writer repeatedly warns that about the possible fatality if the sha-fighting is not done right.  The procedures and techniques are very different from those you found in books  or most of the existing courses out there.  My suggestion is:  do not fight sha unless your life is absolutely worthless.  Your life worths more than the possible wealth that sha-fighting generates.

The crown jewel of this school probably is how to convert an inauspicious region into auspicious.  The writer specifically warns, "do not publicize this; only teach to your indoor student ......"

How do you know these so-called "lineage secrets" are for real?

The first thing is to observe your Sifu or teacher-- is s/he a righteous or honorable person?   Does s/he do what s/he preaches? How s/he treats people gives you a general idea of how credible s/he is.  But this has no guarantee either if s/he is a charismatic person.

A real secret is like a lighting rod that suddenly illuminates everything-- something that make you yell "Ah!" Suddenly everything makes sense after you have "plugged" in the secret.

A not-so-real secret will complicate your mind even more instead of simplifying it.  Real secrets normally are simple and eloquent.

Most contents of this hand-written manuscript were published in books except the critical components or "lineage secrets" are missing.  It costs an arm and leg to become an "indoor student" to get the "real thing".

"How about share your lineage secrets here?"

Good try! Pal.  My old teacher still needs to make a living out of it.  He has not given me any dead-bed instructions yet. 

The implication is: if any Feng Shui guy or teacher promises making you a millionaire/billionaire without looking at your 4P or astrological chart, you may be better off donate your tuition to charity and collect some positive karma points.   Your meng or fate has more influences on your well-being than Feng Shui.

Ken Lai

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