Monday, January 28, 2019

Prep Guide for 2019 Year of Pig

Year of Pig will begin when spring solstice arrives at 11:16 am on February 4, 2019.  Below are something that you may do to avoid problems and increasing your luck for the new year.

1.  House-cleaning:  Do your cleaning in Feb. 4 because Chinese New Year will officially start on Feb. 5 this year.  Besides removing physical garbage, you do an qi or energy cleansing for your house.  If your luck really sucks (bad) in last year, open all the windows and doors of your house, boil some water, let water vapor fill up your house and let the vapor blow out through the windows to get rid of any stagnant energy inside your house.  Alternatively you can burn incense or sage instead of boiling water.

If Year of Dog is great for you, do NOT do the qi-cleansing.  You want to keep milking the existing good luck energy for another month or two.

2.  Feng Shui fixes:
a.  Move your monster (ki-lun, cannon, St. Michael, etc.) to west region facing region to fix San-sha (3-killing).
b.  Put your metal fix for 5-yellow disaster star in SW.
c.  Put your metal or calabash fix for 2-black sickness star in NE.
d.  Put a small red doormat in the entrance if you have a door facing south to fix 3-jade star.
e.  Put a bowl of non-moving water in SE if you have a door there to fix 7-robber star.
f.  Move your water fountain or wealth-enhancing item to center of the house.
g.  North is good for career and study, put 4 lucky bamboos there if you want to enhance it.

3.  Clashing Grand Duke:  People with the following pillars or chart features will be in serious problems during year of pig:
a.  Bazi chart with one or more of these pillars:  if the pillar is your day pillar, bad things likely will happen to you and/or your spouse, if in other pillars, happen to your family member represented by these pillars.
-- yi-si  (most serious)
-- gui-si
b.  chart with 2+ si (snake)
d.  Jia-wood daymasters:  prone to losing money due to affairs, especially males.
(Go to, key in your birthday and check the day column in your birth chart to see if you have a yi-si, gui-si day pillar or jia-wood daymaster).  

Possible Remedies:  
1.  Consult a Bazi Reader.
2.  Print out the photo of 2019 Grand Duke from here and pray to him for protection or use the photo as screen saver in your cell phone or computer.  But you must do at least one act of kindness that reduces suffering of any living thing to activate this remedy.  "One kind act neutralizes hundreds of misfortunes.  Numerous kind acts dissolve thousands of calamities 一善解百災, 多善解千難" is the famous saying in Chinese.  You may make a donation to a charity, adopt or feed a homeless cat/dog/person or even visit old folks in senior home.
3.  People with yi-si or gui-si day pillars-- donate blood, if too weak to donate, at least do a blood test.
4.  Take my "Destiny Management 2/ 3" courses (listed below).


You may print this auspicious symbol for "attracting treasures and wealth" and put it facing your door

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