Friday, June 24, 2016

Bazi: Secret Dating Guide for Men

This dating guide shows you lists of  woman daymasters (DM or person) born in certain days of the month that men may want to think twice before taking the marriage vow with these women.  Women born in the days listed below are likely to be dominant over their husbands.  Of course, there are men who like to be directed or bossed around by their wives.  Then the lists below will be great for them.

Check the appendix at end of article for instructions on how to figure out anyone's day branch with their birthdays.

1.  DM with pian-cai (-wealth) day branch
-- Jia-xu, Yi-wei, Bing-shen, Ding-you, Geng-yin and Xin-mao days
DM with pian-cai day branch is opinionated,  practical, calculated and dislikes being directed and likes to be the boss. 

2.  DM with shi-shen (-output)/ shang-guan (+output) day branch
-- Jia-wu, Yi-si, Geng-zi, Xin-hai, Ding-wei, Bing-xu, Ren-yin, Gui-mao, Wu-shen and Ji-you days.
DM with shi-shen/ shang-guan day branch is very independent, smart, like challenges with diverse pursuits; dislikes nor accepts criticism and remembers who has "wronged" her forever. 

3.  DM with bi-jian (-peer)/ jie-cai (+peer) day branch
-- Jia-yin, Yi-mao, Bing-wu, Ding-si, Wu-xu, Wu-chen, Ji-chou, JI-wei, Geng-shen, Xin-you, Ren-zi and Gui-hai days
DM with bi-jian/ jie-cai  day branch is hot-headed, impulsive, impatient, energetic, belligerent and challenging authority. 

4.  DM with qi-sha (-power) day branch
--Jia-shen, Yi-you, Wu-yin, Ji-mao, Ren-xu, Ren-chen, Gui-wei and Gui-chou days
DM with qi-sha day branch has irritable temperament, low endurance/ tolerance and likely to handle family affair roughly or with violence tendency.  She is impatient, self-centered and not subservient to authority.  She becomes more antagonistic if husband tries to "manage" her.  She is also likely to do things without thinking about the consequence. 

"Ken, you must be kidding me.  You have listed 36 daymasters out of the 60 possible ones!  There are not too many women left to date."

Fortunately, the lists above are mostly limited to STRONG daymasters who are more likely to be opinionated.  For the weak daymasters, they are likely to compromise with their spouses.

One day, when I am in a good mood, I may show you how to figure out if a chart has strong or weak daymaster in a flash.   But until then, you may take my "4-Pillars Bootcamp" video course.

Appendix:  How to find the day-branch of a person
1.  Go to
2.  Type in the birthday and gender (F or M) in the input table in the left side.
3.  Click "CALCULATE" box
4.  Check the left color table below the input table.  See the example here:
5.  The third color column (counting from right to left) is the day branch of the person.  It is "Geng-shen" in this example of someone born in June 24, 1990.

Ken Lai

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