Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Chinese characters of "Human" and "Fire"

Traditionally the Chinese character of "Fire" (火, huo) is represented by the ideogram or picture of a flame (see diagram). A visit to the Hong Kong History Museum has changed my mind about that.

There is an exhibit about prehistoric human activities in Hong Kong. It shows an early man creating fire with two flintstones.

The Chinese character 火 (fire) consists of two parts: the human (人) and the two strokes components, which can be the abstraction of two flintstones.
A man (人, ren or human) with two flintstones-- that is the image of the Chinese character "fire"!

Ken Lai

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Crystal Ox" Gazing

I am running around China and Hong Kong in the last few weeks. In Hong Kong, I see over 20 "2009 Year of Ox" fortune-telling books. Most are simply based on the 12 Chinese zodiac animals to "predict" the 2009 luck of people, though some use Immortal Wong Tai Sin, QMDJ and Plum-Flower.

Publishers of these 2009 fortune-telling books always try to be the first ones in the market to grab the market share. Those who had published before the sub-prime mortgage crisis are likely to predict "business as usual" like the global economy will be great. The ones that are published after the financial crisis is exposed are likely to predict the economy will not be "optimistic" or "challenging".

It is interesting to see most writers of these fortune-telling books will "review" and brag about their 2008 predictions. They simply ignore what they had missed and just focused on the "hits". Everyone makes tons of predictions and some will "hit" the target for sure. Very often, predictions are phrased in vague terms like "not optimistic" or "challenging", it can always be treated as a "hit" no matter what has happened.

Today is your lucky day, you can publish your own "2010 Fortune Book" with the following tips about how the predictions are made:
1. based on stars of annual or Purple White chart
2. making interpretations based on the jia-zi (binomial) of the year. For example, 2009 is ji-chou or earth-ox year. One can tell a long story based on this jia-zi.
3. based on the animal nature of the year (e.g. 2008 is year of rat, some writers will make a big fuss out of the rat's nature)
4. based on shen-sha like Grand Duke, San-sha (3-killings) and the like
5. based on the writer's own divination using Plum Flower, Yi-Jing and the like
6. based on astrological stars
7. based on QMDJ charts
8. simply based on the gut-feeling of the writer!

You may use a combinations or all of the above to write your 2010 Fortune book. Send me 10% royalty if you can! All proceed will go to charity.

Ken Lai
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When not to hire a Feng Shui Master

My previous message, "Grandma's Tou-Fu Dessert" is an example of personal luck overtakes the importance of Feng Shui.

In other words, when your luck is high (above average), you do not need a Feng Shui master to choose a site or house for you. You may throw a stone randomly and follow the landing direction of the stone and locate a property.

How do you know your luck is high or low? It is much easier to tell that your luck is low-- shortage of money, running into obstacles all the time, relationship problems, sickness, accidents or even death. If this were the case, you defintely need a Feng Shui master to help you. But chances are, you may pick a lousy master that makes your Feng Shui worse than before soliciting his/ her help. So you need to find someone who is proven and not just "famous".

When everything goes your way, money is not a problem for you, good health and you look forward to live your next day, you probably are in "above average" luck. You may pretty much close your eyes and pick a property and still enjoy good Feng Shui.

When you feel life is boring (or have time to think that your life is boring), it means you have a stable life and NOT in bad luck.

Very often people think their good luck will last forever. The lucky ones may have 10- 20 years of continuous good luck. Most will have short periods of 1 to 2 years good luck. It is difficult to achieve anything significant with short luck duration (as in annual lucks). You need at least one good 10-year luck to prosper. In Bazi or 4-Pillars, everyone shares the same annual luck but not 10-year lucks. 10-year lucks are determined by one's birth day and birth hour.

In Asia, it is common that a Feng Shui practitioner also knows Bazi reading. It is a routine to read the Bazi of a potential client before taking up a Feng Shui job. A practioner with integrity may turn down a FS assignment if he/she finds client's problem is due to destiny and not FS.

Ken Lai

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Grandma's Tou-fu Dessert

I am running around China and Hong Kong now. I stay with my brother while in Hong Kong.

One day, my brother and I were strolling around town. He suddenly exclaimed with joy, "'Grandma's Tou-Fu Dessert' has moved to here!".

"Grandma moves around a lot. She makes the best tou-fu dessert in town. There is always a long line in front of her store. There is always another tou-fu dessert store opens across her store, hoping to pick up those who can't wait." My brother said.

"You can see Grandma's price is HK$5 per bowl and the competition sells at $3. Yet there is no line in the competition's store."

Of course, we rush to Grandma and get a bowl of the tou-fu dessert.

"Why does Grandma move all the time?" I asked.

"Landlord finds Grandma doing great business and thinks she may stay even if the rent is raised. So Grandma moves and amazingly, her business is always great regardless where she moves to." My brother replied.

"What contributes to Grandma's success?" I asked myself.

It could be:
1. Grandma is in good luck period
2. Grandma's secret skill of making tou-fu dessert
3. Good Feng Shui (but this seems not the case here, Grandma just moves around, most of the time, move into the locations of failed business!)

Yesterday, I had a tou-fu dessert in another region of the city. The dessert tasted as great as Grandma's. The store is at the exit of a subway station (very good "water" or human traffic). But the store does not have a long line or doing as well as Grandma's.

So I conclude luck is more important than Feng Shui, just like the popular saying about the main determinants of destiny-- "Fate first, Luck second and third Feng Shui"

Do you think Grandma should hire a Feng Shui Master to select a store location for her?

Ken Lai

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