Thursday, March 29, 2012

Winning Mega Millions Lottery with Qi-Men-Dun-Jia Date/Task Selection

News from the web and TV are full of tips on how to enhance the odds of winning the record US$476 million jackpot.  Here I throw in my findings on the best time and direction to buy your lotto ticket based on the ancient Chinese  method of date and task selection-- Qi-Men-Dun-Jia (QMDJ).

QMDJ is different from other date-selection methods in  maintaining everyday is a good day-- except only certain directions and hours are better than others.  The chosen direction is regarded as full of  preferred qi or energy, like wealth or health energy.  It can also be task-specific like certain direction and time are good for wealth-generating purposes.

Next Mega Millions drawing will be held on this coming Friday (April 30, 2012).  The hours listed below are based on standard time for April 30.  It is calculated with QMDJ and optimized for wealth-related activities for April 30. You should adjust the hour if  your time zone has daylight saving time.  The direction listed are based on your current location and NOT the actual geographic direction.  For example, if you are at home at 8:01 am  and  the direction listed is west, it means you go to a lotto store in the west side of YOUR home and NOT west side of the city.


--  missing hours mean the wealth energy of those hours are not good

23:00- 01:00       Northwest
01:00- 03:00       South
03:00- 05:00       Northwest
05:00- 07:00       Southeast
07:00- 09:00      West  (Strongest wealth energy for the day)
09:00- 11:00       North
11:00- 13:00       Northeast
13:00- 15:00       Northeast
17:00- 19:00       South

If you want to further enhance your odds, you can donate something to your local food-shelves or charity before buying the lotto ticket.  This will generate some positive energy and kickstart the "flow" of wealth energy.  You need to give "something" to get something back (hopefully $476M).  This is a universal principle of energy exchange.

Send me or any charity 10% if you hit something big.   Good Luck!

Ken Lai
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