Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

This picture is taken on Dec. 22, 2007. It shows the scenery of my backyard here in Minnesota. We can see deers, foxes and raccoons here. We have white Christmas here almost every year. Click on the picture and you can see the details.

Ken Lai

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Baby Can (or can't) Wait

A friend is eagerly waiting for the arrival of her third grandchild. She said her daughter-in-law will do a cesarean section if the baby does not come out by Dec. 26 of this year.

I did a quick check of hours between Dec. 24th and 26th-- most charts "suck".

My neighbor Nick had a baby boy this year. He was in a similar situation. They had booked a cesarean section date and the baby came out sooner than the scheduled delivery date. Here are the charts:

Scheduled birthday and hour: June 22, 2007, 7:30am
(not specially chosen for 4P purpose)


ACTUAL birthday and hour: June 15, 2007, 7:20am


Overall luck is about the same for both charts. I told Nick that his boy just makes sure he will have more "fun" by coming out a few days earlier.

The cesarean section date has both year and day branches in void. It has numerous bi-jian (peer stars) and also has no 'wealth' or wife element. The day-master of this chart has a high potential of becoming a gay or at least with problem keeping a wife (wife-jinxer).

In China and Taiwan, choosing a cesarean section date for giving birth is a popular option for people. Does it work? Data from the last 20- 30 years seems supporting the predictions. But one may run into the scenario of my neighbor Nick, the baby may choose to arrive earlier than planned.

Ken Lai

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Omaha Mall Killer's 4P & date of shooting

Here is the 4P of Robert Hawkins, killer of the Omaha Mall shooting, birth hour unknown:

Birth date: May, 18, 1987

Y: ding-mao (fire-wood)
M: yi-si (wood-fire)
D: ding-mao (fire-wood)
H: Ji-you (earth-metal, estimation)

10 Year Luck:
Gui-Mao (water-wood)
Annual luck: ding-hai (fire-water)

His chart has 2/3 probability of being a special chart. However, if that were the case, this tragedy should not have happened. He would have lived a better life with a special chart.

Ji-you hour would fit his life history and personality: strong negativity, hostile to authority, depression, Attention Deficit Syndrome.

With mao-you clash and 3 pian-yins (-resource), he could see "things" or feel spirits (also hallucinations)

"Pian-yin snatches shi-shen", according to 4P classics. Shi-shen is his output or mind (earth in this case), being attacked by pian-yin (-resource, wood). This is his source of depression.

The chart for the date and hour that shooting had occurred:

Y: DING-HAI (fire-water)
M: XIN-HAI (metal-water)
D: GUI-YOU (water-metal)
H: JI-WEI (earth-earth)

The month pillar clashes (fan-yin) with Hawkins's month pillar and day pillar clashes (fan-yin) with his day-pillar. Plus another hai-mao-wei wood 3-unity to fuel the fire in the chart.

Above clashes is in addition to the annual luck hai-water branch clash to his si-fire month branch.

All the branches of his chart were clashed: three mao got clashed by one you-metal; si-fire got clashed by hai-water.

When all branches of a chart is clashed, it may signify death or serious accident or illness.

The shooting happened in a strong water day that clashes Hawkins' DM ding-fire. Water is his authority/power element.

Here is a case that common logic may not work. Strong ding-fire DM born in summer (si month) supposedly needs some water to cool off. Water is his guan-sha (power/authority). His current 10-year luck is gui-water and it clashes his DM (so more clashes with law). Logic here is: When you put water in a fierce fire, it does not cool it down but makes it burn more fiercely.

May all victims RIP.

Ken Lai

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Friday, December 7, 2007

Omaha Mall Shooting Victims, Grand Duke & Form Feng Shui

Two days ago (Dec. 5, 2007) a 19 years old gunman had killed 8 people in an Omaha shopping mall. The following list contains the names and age of the victims:

The shoppers that the gunman Hawkins killed were
Gary Scharf, 48 **
John McDonald, 65

The employees killed were
Angie Schuster, 36 **
Maggie Webb, 24 **
Janet Jorgensen, 66 ***

Diane Trent, 53
Gary Joy, 56
Beverly Flynn, 47

According to Chinese belief, when the animal sign of the current year is identical to your birth year, you are "violating" the Grand Duke (the ruling energy or deity of the year). The names with two asterisks (**) above are people who were "violating" Grand Duke.

If your current age is a multiple of 12 (12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96), you are "violating" Grand Duke for the year.

People with snake animal sign is regarded as "clashing" the pig animal sign of the Grand Duke for current year. The name with triple asterisks above was clashing Grand Duke for this year.

If your current age is one of the following: 6, 18, 30, 42, 54, 66, 78, 90), you are "clashing" Grand Duke for the year.

"Clashing" Grand Duke is more serious than "violating".

4 out of 8 victims were "violating' or "clashing" Grand Duke.

In Chinese Astrology, like 4-Pillars of Destiny, we always advise people who clash or violate Grand Duke to stay put, be vigilant and avoid confrontations.

I don't mean that someone will die if s/he violates Grand Duke for the year. It is just the probability of running into misfortune is higher during the year.

Here is a link to New York Times website showing the aerial view of that Omaha shopping mall:

Click on the picture to see a bigger image of it-- what do you see?

The shape of the mall looks like a small or light machine gun used by commandos! The location of the shooting (Von Maur store) looks like the bullet magazine. The black cross-like thing in front of it looks like the trigger.

It is not unusual that the form or shape of building somehow has correlation with the events happen there. It is as if the "DNA" for incident associated with the shape is planted there.

Ken Lai

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Sunday, December 2, 2007

New Video Courses & Pricing

Hi Friends,

Value of U.S. Dollar has dropped almost 30% in the last few years. I need to either charge Euros or do some price adjustments to cover losses.

Prices of my correspondence courses will be increased from US$100- 300 per course starting 1/1/2008. So you may want to order before the end of 2007 to avoid price increases.

Also some of the courses are added with many hours of video into the contents, so you are virtually getting more for less.

1. 4P BOOTCAMP W/12 hours video $699
-- order before 1/1/2008 will be $499

2. PRACTICAL IMPERIAL QMDJ w/10 hr. video $999
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3. PRACTICAL DOOR FENG SHUI w/3 hr. video $599
-- order before 1/1/2008 will be $499

w/12 hr video $899
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-- order before 1/1/2008 will be $499

6. EASY QMDJ 3-in-1 (no video) $599
-- order before 1/1/2008 will be $499

New Video Courses coming up next year:
-- Sha Avoidance Feng Shui
-- Period 8 Operation Toolkit
-- Advanced Form Feng Shui

For detailed descriptions for the courses listed above, click the link below:

You MUST order before end of 2007 to qualify for the
old prices.

Happy Holidays!

Ken Lai

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Lose the pounds and lose the pounds (or pesos or dollars)

I was in Mexico City for a Feng Shui seminar a few weeks ago. An amiga (lady friend) asked me why she has problem keeping money since she was on diet and lost some weight.

"Sure, it is not cheap to replace your expensive designer cloths after losing so much weight." I said.

"No, I've not replaced the clothes yet. Money leaves my pocket quicker than comes in." Replied Paula.

Paula is a yi-wood (yin-wood) day-master. Earth is her wealth or money. Earth also stands for spleen and stomach. Keeping a diet means curtailing the activities of stomach (and hence wealth).

I told Paula to decide whether she wants to look slim or have money in her pocket.

Tough decision?

Ken Lai

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nut Talking to Nut?

Over the years, there are certain individuals using assumed or fake ID and email addresses on Chinese Metaphysics discussion lists or forums. They use different aliases that may sound like Chinese, Spanish, American or any nationality and ask very specific questions on the lists. Questions that are normally only taught in paid-seminars.

The most prolific person with "multiple personalities" should be this one with the following IP address:

OrgName: RIPE Network Coordination Centre
Address: P.O. Box 10096
City: Amsterdam
PostalCode: 1001EB
Country: NL

ReferralServer: whois://

NetRange: -
NetName: 89-RIPE
NetHandle: NET-89-0-0-0-1
NetType: Allocated to RIPE NCC
NameServer: SEC1.APNIC.NET
NameServer: SEC3.APNIC.NET

I would estimate over 30- 50% of online discussions on Chinese Metaphysics lists are generated by this person under different fake IDs.

It is comical to see people or even Dr. or masters who had arguments with this person will unconsciously talk nicely with the SAME person under a different ID.

Well, most of us had chatted with this person at one time or another. He is still "active" in a few lists as of today.

Everyone needs to be a nut sometimes?

Ken Lai

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Precautions for the Year of Mouse (2008)

Wu-zi mouse year is only 2 months away. You may want to
know which directions are not suitable for construction or
'earth-moving' for next year, so you can do it before this
year is over.

Wu-zi year is another not-so-friendly year like bing-xu
year for some people.

Wu-earth combines with gui-water to form fire. Adding more
fire to some 4P charts may mean caner or heart related

Wu-earth muddies up ren-water. People with Ren-water
day-master may go nuts or make stupid decisions if attacked
by wu-earth.

Zi-water clashes wu-fire. People with wu day-branch may
have traffic accident or surgery or martial problems.

Zi-water and mao-wood form a serious penalty. It can jinx
yourself or your close relative.

Zi-water forms 3-unity or semi-3-unity combination with
shen-metal and/or chen-earth. If your chart likes water,
it will be great, esp. if water is your wealth element. If
otherwise, pray or take my future "destiny management"
course on how to handle this situation.

People with mao, you, and wu in their charts will need to
sweat it out when zi year arrives. Formation of
zi-wu-mao-you clash can mean major disaster. This is
called "4-cardinal clashes". Again, pray, do charity works
and/or take my "destiny management" course.

Here are some major precautions:

1. 5-yellow star will be in the south. Sui-Po or year
breaker will also be in the south or wu-mountain.
--- avoid digging or construction; avoid movements

2. Grand Duke or Tai Sui will be in zi mountain or in the
--- avoid digging or construction; you can sit on GD
location but not facing it.

3. San Sha or 3-killings will be in the South (si, wu, ding
--- definitely avoid movement or digging here, Sui-po and
5-yellow are also in this palace!

4. The auspicious 8-star will be in the east and 9-purple
star in the SE. You may want some movements here.

People with horse and mouse animal signs and were born in
the first, fifth and eleventh months of the lunar calendar
should avoid attending funeral for the year.

Ken Lai

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Door Feng Shui

A Feng Shui friend sent me the following email:

My sister wants to build a new house, so it will be a P8 house.

The plot faces N2 so the Flying Star chart can meet the criteria for a "7 Star Robbery", so according to this, she should place a door/window at the South, East and NW.

According to "Castle Gate" the Qi entrance should come from NW2.

According to the San He "12 Life Stages" a NW2 Qi entrance would be either at stage 3 or 4, so it is good, but my question is if the door must be placed at NW2, but facing N2 (same bearing as the plot) or if the door should be slanted facing NW2?

My friend tries to integrate Flying Star, "7-star Robbery", "Castle Gate" and San He's "12 Life Stages" to the house design.

I think he is making things too complicated. Although he can mix as many schools and methods as he wants if he has my "Practical Door Feng Shui" course materials. He can also easily integrate XKDG and Flying Star in 30 seconds.

"Practical Door Feng Shui" also includes the "decoders" for the word-play puzzles like the "Qian mountain Qian water" gig. Someone considers this little word-game as lineage "top-secret" on other lists. It does not worth a penny if you know the answer.

WARNING: DO NOT use the formula listed above. There are many missing details here. Consult your teacher/ master before applying these formula.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Lineage Rocks" vs "Lineage Sucks"-- Part II

I had no intention of writing a Part II. But someone makes a big fuss out of "lineage sucks". So here is Part II...

In Part I, I did not choose a position on whether "lineage rocks" or "lineage sucks".

In real life, most of us belong to both camps at one time or another-- when we learn from more than one teacher, we are on the "lineage sucks" side of the lineage-rocks/ lineage-sucks continuum. When we stick with only one or two teachers, we lean towards the "lineage rocks" side.

I did state that it is hazardous (to your wallet) to "shop" a school based on its lineage claims because it is difficult to prove or disprove the claims.

I have also pointed out the Modius Operandi (M.O., modes of operation) of lineage claims from mainland China.

Like everywhere else, there are real lineages and "not-so-real" lineages in China. However, the "not-so-real" lineage claims from mainland China are easier to detect than the ones from Hong Kong, Taiwan and southeast Asia because of their "unique" approaches in building up a lineage. Here are some red flags or patterns:

-- title-piling: they are likely to pile PhD, PhD advisor, PhD Post-doc, Professor, Yi-Jing Society Chairman... titles on the same line (you may laugh your head off if you know the how these titles are ranked). These titles are often from non-existent foreign universities or paper-mill OR counterfeit certificates of famous Chinese universities. If the "master" is a real PhD, he is better off chasing the IPO gold-rush in China now than working as a Feng Shui master with low social status.

-- elevating an old man as grandmaster of the lineage: If you do some Math, even an 80 years old man was only 22 when the Chinese Communists took over China in 1949! Where did he learn and practice his Feng Shui skills, not to mention that he might be killed during the Cultural Revolution of the '60s?

-- claiming their Feng Shui will work 100% (even God cannot promise that!)

-- using famous old tombs and temples to prove their Feng shui work

-- claiming only selected few will be accepted as their "in-house students" (but with certain amount, like US$5000, you are automatically chosen without interviewing and seeing you in advance).

Someone is unhappy about my pointing out of this M.O.. He thinks I wrote "lineage sucks" to make myself look better.

This someone has no reason to be unhappy IF his/ her lineage does not match the descriptions above.

I have also received private emails thanking me for this info.

I think consumers will make better decision if given more information.

So, is there any compromise between this lineage-rocks/ lineage-sucks continuum?

If you were an extreme "lineage sucks" person, you will have problem learning the innermost secrets of real lineages. Most masters are no idiots. They will not show you the real thing when they know you are a "bar-hopping" student with little or no loyalty.

If you were an extreme "lineage rocks" person, your vision will be limited by one or two perspectives or schools.

One common alternative is "lineage-hopping" for a while to sample different schools. Then stick with one or two teachers that you have affinity to.

Yes, I know. It is getting darn expensive.

A few young masters of the "lineage sucks" camp use the "Tony Robbins template" to promote their schools. Tony Robbins is the motivational king (speaker) in USA.

These young masters simply substitute Tony's motivation or NLP stuff with "Feng Shui" for power, relationship and wealth..... Some even imitate Tony's mannerisms, gestures, vocabularies, website design and even the name of Tony's "Mastery University".

With Tony's template, you don't need to be a genius to act like one.

Fortunately or unfortunately, these young masters do not copy the fire-walking trick in their syllabus.

When one subscribes to "lineage sucks", one is less likely to extol his teachers or old masters. He may keep all the glory and goodwill to himself. He may tell people that they can also "be all they can be", just like him (the genius) by taking his courses and buying his books.

"Think and act BIG" is the mantra. Tony Robbins' M.O. fits this philosophy perfectly.

Amazingly the "Tony Robbin template" seems to work for some young masters. I hope Tony does not read this message or it may "awaken the Feng Shui giant within" him and push his own version of Feng Shui (he probably will call it "associative environmental conditioning").

Tony has already "invaded" the health and nutrition territories with his motivational talks. Feng Shui may well be the next target.

It does not matter whether lineage rocks or sucks--- as long as it works. It still sucks if the lineage is real but the contents do not work. However, it seems difficult to get the "real thing" without joining a real lineage.

"Real thing", most of the time, refers to the "execution" of a high level FS technique, like where to do your luopan measurement and how to operationalize the "mountains", "dragons", "water".....

Many "lineage-graded" secrets are amazingly simple, but they are the critical links or "buttons" for the whole model or system to work. These "secrets" normally cost big bucks (US$20,000 or more) to buy or nothing (if you have good relationship with your master). One cannot expect to learn these secrets in a US$2- 3000 class.

So, do you need these "secrets"? Not really, unless you want to push the "wealth" envelop to the max. For most practitioners, what you learn from reputable teachers out there should be suffice for common situations.

Now you should be able to decide if "lineage rocks" or "lineage sucks" or simply put, "Is lineage relevant?"

It all boils down to your pocket book-- if you just want to be a "general practitioner", then lineage is not that important. You can learn from a variety of teachers or schools. If you want to be a "specialist", then lineage becomes important (and expensive!).

Joining a "real" lineage is just the beginning of a long journey. There is no guarantee that you will get the "real thing". You may also be susceptible to internal lineage politics and the "in-house discipleship" bait that turns you into a slave of the master. But if you are in good luck or have good karma with the lineage, you may get the "real thing" goodies.

I deliberately avoid the question of age or experience here. I guess you can figure it out yourself.

Like any professions, there are good FS masters and not-so-good FS masters--- you need to find the good one yourself.

Ken Lai

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Feng Shui War: Tiger vs. Arrows

The following case is a real Feng Shui war happened in Taiwan. This is taken from a newspaper report.

The office building of a government department looks like the mouth of a tiger. It is called "Tiger Snooping" (老虎探頭 ) formation.

Around 1980, the residents lived across the street of this office had a family member died accidentally. They hired a Feng Shui master to find out the cause.

The master said the government office across the street looks like a tiger opening its mouth to bite potential prey. The mouth pointed at this resident's (Mr. Wu) house. So accident happen to them.

This family was advised to put two 30 cm long wooden arrows on the external wall facing the government office. Life become peaceful again for many years.

Five years ago, the government promotes energy-efficient designs and put sun-blocking steel mesh around the office building.

Mr. Wu did not feel comfortable with this steel mesh, so he consulted the Feng Shui master again.

The master said the Feng Shui formation becomes "tiger wears armor". The steel mesh has boosted the power of the tiger mouth.

Mr. Wu replaced the wooden arrows with stainless steel arrows and increase the bow and arrow sets from two to three.

Strange things happened after this Feng Shui battle has started. The wife of the dept. head of this government office and multiple employees were died of accidents or cancer. Low morale and fear rule this government office.

The government office invited Mr. Wu for negotiation and compromise. But so far nothing is done yet.

Ken Lai

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cover letter for "Practical Imperial QMDJ" Video Course


Dear Friend,

Thank you very much for purchasing this video-correspondence course.

The original course plan was much smaller in scale than the current size. You can see the current retail price (US$699 and then $999 in a few months) reflects the amount of work involved and comparable market price of similar products.

There are still quite a few rough edges in the video. It will take forever to ship if I try to correct it all. If the same video is done by professional video company, it will cost US$100- 150k. The street price of each copy will be over US$3000.

The course is not perfect. But I found video is probably better than live-class instruction in that the process is a lot smoother. Same amount of information can be shown in about 1/3 of the time used in live class. So you can learn more efficiently and at your own leisure or pace. Slow learners can also learn easier with video. Combining an online discussion group with a video course may outshine live class instructions.

However, it takes 3- 4 times more time to prepare for video than live class. The danger of piracy and lost revenue are also much higher than live class. The video was made in a 2- 3 month period and you can see I have “aged” through the process.

If after taking the course, you feel that the price tag is too high for something this simple, then I have done my job.

In 2005 when I first taught Imperial QMDJ, a Chinese teacher also announced that he will have a QMDJ class, but it will be six months later. Another Chinese teacher also made a similar announcement, but the course will be available two years later (he will teach it in early 2008).

So you know it takes a master-level Chinese teacher 6 months to 2 years to learn or prepare for QMDJ. Now my course can show you how to use QMDJ in as little as an hour. It takes me a long time to develop this course to make it simple and easy to learn.

This is a “practical” course in that I minimize theory and items that will confuse you rather than helping you to use QMDJ. Specifically, the process of calculating ju numbers, seasons and chart construction is briefly covered. This part still takes 3-months to learn in Taiwan.

You may ask, does this omission hurt your QMDJ applications?

Even assume you have gone through learning all these “nuts and bolts” process (and spent 2- 3 days and US$800- 1200), you STILL need to check the Qi-Men 10k Calendar. If you check the calendar, why not just flip a few more pages to look for the QMDJ chart at the same time?

Yes, you may manually construct the QMDJ chart—it takes 15- 30 minutes and it is very error-prone with over 50 data points!

The worse thing is, after you have paid and learned these theories, you are likely to forget it in less than a month, especially if you don’t use it often enough.

You don’t need to be a mechanic to drive a car. Same logic applies to QMDJ.

Now with course manuals Mini-Qi-Men 10K calendar and 1080 Tables, you can locate a QMDJ chart and make interpretation in one to five minutes. The theory people cannot even figure out the ju # in 5 minutes!

In my 5-days class that covers both theory and usages, I found most students are likely to get frustrated in the theory and calculations parts that killed most of the class time, leaving very little time for practical examples and demonstrations.

This practical video class covers more grounds (except theory) than my 5-days class. It has more graphics and examples. You will be more confident in applying QMDJ after this class.

Even assuming you have learned nothing from this course, you can still use the “Optimized QMDJ charts” as long as you can read 1-2-3!

Finally, thanks again for your patience and feel free to ask questions in the online discussion group. I cannot possibly put everything into the manual and video. If you like the course, please refer it to your friends or write some comments (can be anonymous) for me or in public lists. If you don’t like it, you can use the DVD with my picture as target practice (Sorry, Chinese does not have a refund custom).

Best Wishes!


Ken Lai

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Instructions for running "Practical Imperial Qi-Men-Dun-Jia" DVD

This DVD is menu-driven. All the videos can be activated using only one menu. But you need to click the “up-arrow or down- arrow” to scroll the menu. In order to return to the menu, always exit the video player or PDF reader after you are done reading or viewing.


- Knowledge of “stems and branches” (read the main manual)
- Know how to find the binomial of a date and specific hour (read the main manual or use the 4P Calculator program enclosed)
- Know how to distinguish the 4 cardinal directions (N, S, E, W) and the sub-cardinal directions (NW, SW, NE, SE) using a simple compass
If you have taken Feng Shui class or Bazi (4-Pillars) class before, then you should have no problem with these pre-requisites. If not, simply read the main manual a few times.

1. You should go to the “SUPPORTING FILES AND PROGRAMS” menu page, click on “Chinese For QMDJ: learn how to read and write” entry and print out a copy of the file. It helps you greatly if you can at least recognize the 100 or so Chinese characters used in QMDJ. We also have provided you with an “instant translation ruler” to help you with this task. If you have Feng Shui or 4P background, you already knew the stems/ branches and 24 mountains characters. The most frequently used characters in Imperial QMDJ are less than 35.
2. You read the manual once quickly to get an idea of what QMDJ is about.
3. Watch the “Overview” video.
4. Before you watch any other video segment, always read the related chapter once first.

This DVD contains over 9 hours of compressed video. It is equivalent to 9 DVDs or the equivalent of over 3 days of live class. It has more case materials than the 5-days live QMDJ class.

If you have purchased the “Advanced Case Studies” CD, then you have more case materials than a 5-days live class student!

With this DVD, you can learn QMDJ in a day because there will be no time-killers like interruptions, coffee breaks, lunch breaks or unrelated stupid questions or teacher’s jokes.

With the learning schedules below, everyone can learn at his/ her own pace. People who have Chinese metaphysics background do not need to “learn” what are stems/branches for the 10th time and can jump chapters whereas beginners can learn at his/her own pace without dragging down the advanced students!

You can take as many notes as you want or not take any. You don’t need to choose between taking notes or listening to the teacher. You can also play or replay a chapter until you understand it. You will not miss a thing!

If you have questions, you can send it to the private discussion group for this course.


This schedule is for the super impatient or people who just want to use QMDJ in the shortest possible time. You may take this route first and then try another schedule.
Prerequisites: knowledge of stems and branches, how to calculate the binomials of a date and hour.
* Overview (17:34 min.)
* What are included in this course (11:12 min.)
* Learn QMDJ in 5-minutes? (26:50 min.)
* How to read QMDJ charts (52:07 min.)

This schedule is for people who just want to use QMDJ in the shortest possible time but with more background knowledge.
Prerequisites: knowledge of stems and branches, how to calculate the binomials of a date and hour.
* Overview (17:34 min.)
* What are included in this course (11:12 min.)
* Learn QMDJ in 5-minutes? (26:50 min.)
* Ch. 2: Basic & related concepts (20:42 min.)
* Ch. 6: Ba-Men (8-Gates) (15:31 min)
* Putting all dimensions together (32:51 min.)
* How to read QMDJ charts (52:07 min.)
* Restricted Manual: Ch.1 to 3 (30:54 min.)
* Restricted Manual: Ch.4 (17:55 min.)
* FAQ1 (39:18 min.)
* FAQ2 (39:00 min.)

This schedule is for people who want to learn QMDJ from the very beginning. Simply follow the order listed in the DVD menu for this schedule.
Prerequisites: knowledge of stems and branches, how to calculate the binomials of a date and hour (study main manual before watching video).

Ken Lai

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Monday, October 22, 2007

The "Hardest Chinese" Character Ever

The Chinese character for "exorcism" is voted as the "hardest Chinese ever" by a website.

This character has 60 strokes with 11 "components" (prefixes and suffixes). Here is a break down of these components:

sun : stands for yang
moon: stands for yin
rope: stands for relationship, tangling, connected
speech/word: stands for communication
stem: stands for weapon, conflict, fight
senior/ length: power, elder, authority
horse: action, speed
spear: stands for weapon, conflict, fight
heart: motivation, mental, belief

When rope + word + rope + heart come together, it means clinging, relationship and/or love.

When stem + spear come together, it means conflict and war.

With all these components, you can have a mental picture of yin-yang clashes involving mental images and conflict.

According to Chinese experts, there are 60,000- 80,000 individual Chinese characters. Most are rarely used in daily life. One needs to master 3000 common Chinese characters to have the literacy of a Chinese high school graduate.

Many characters used in Daoist talismans are similar to the "exorcism" word above. For example, the word that means "the death of a ghost" has the power of driving ghost away if it is written according to Daoist rituals and activation. So the "exorcism" word above is likely be usable as a talisman if properly activated by a Daoist priest.

Ken Lai

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

"Lineage Rocks" vs. "Lineage Sucks"-- Part I

In late 1990's, a young entrepreneur had teamed up with a well-known old master to form a Feng Shui school. The young man had picked the biggest asset of the partnership-- lineage and experience to promote the school.

At that time, almost every graduate of that school would point out "lineage rocks!"

The young man had marketed this "lineage" thing so well that his competitions had to somehow coming up with lineage of some sort to stay competitive.

So suddenly, some Feng Shui teachers come up with their lineage overnight-- you have dim-sum teahouse lineage, window-watching lineage and other off-the-shelve lineages.

"No lineage left behind"-- almost everyone got one at that time.

Around 2003, something strange had happened. The young man no longer sang "lineage rocks". His partnership with the old master had dissolved.

He can no longer piggyback on the old master's 50+ years experience or lineage. Now he hopes people will forget his old preaching about "lineage and experience".

So he preaches "lineage sucks" and pushes the "genius" card. His metaphysics knowledge is somehow "born" with him or fallen from sky to him. He rarely mentions where he got his knowledge from.

Lately there are new competitions coming from mainland China vying for a piece of the English-speaking Feng Shui market. These "newcomers" are likely dressed up with advanced degrees and titles like PhD, professor, chairman of obscure Yi-Jing club and the like and of course, a well-written up "lineage".

When they market themselves inside China, their PhD will be likely from fake or paper-mill universities from the west. When marketing outside China, their Phd will be likely from prestigious Chinese Universities (you can get a fake PhD certificate with prestige Chinese university imprinted for around RMB$400 or US$50 in China).

So the relevance or irrelevance of "lineage' pops up again.

One's position is pretty much based on party line-- people who think they have "real lineage" are likely to say lineage rocks. Those who have no lineage are likely to say lineage sucks.

Hey Ken, what is your position on lineage?

Well, I have quite a few lineages on my belt though I do not emphasize them.

It is difficult even for the Chinese to prove or disprove most lineage claims. The problem is that after someone had said or written about certain existent or non-existent "lineage" frequent enough (like 10 times), people begin to believe the lineage is real.

I treat lineage like SAT scores-- just for reference only and will not pay for it solely based on lineage claims.

You need to observe the school or master yourself to see if s/he is credible or not. A simple rule of thumb is that if someone is very flashy and loaded with titles-- the probability that the guy is a fake is pretty high.

Well, don't dump your lineage yet (if you got any), as it may be fashionable again to have a lineage.

Ken Lai

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Form Feng Shui: Suppressed Dragon and Roaming Tiger

Earlier this year, I went to Houston to do a site-selection for a client.

The clients want to buy a property for retirement. We had checked five to six farm properties.

One of the farms gave us deep impression. Here is the summary of the farm:
-- a 10 acres fruit farm with positive cash flow (big attraction)
-- relatively new buildings
-- we can feel the house has warm and happy memories (yes, clients and me can feel "qi")

BUT, the main building is almost next to the neighbor. The fence separating the property line is only a few feet from the left side of the house. All the fruit trees and land are at the right or tiger side of the house.

So the dragon side is almost not there!

There is a 400 feet long dirt road pointing straight at the front door of the house. This is a heart-piercing sha or "road-clash" (lu-chong). Someone may die or suffer serious injury with this type of form sha (negative energy). It usually happens within 3- 6 years after moving-in.

We all like the house except the dragon problem. The "road-clash" sha is easy to fix, just re-route the dirt road to encircle the house and transform it into an "embracing water" (good for wealth).

However, the missing dragon is hard to fix. Client talked about moving the whole building (2 storeys, about 5000 sq. feet area) a few hundred meters from the original foundation.

This is an expensive proposition!

Upon further investigation into the history of the house, the real estate agent told us that the original male owner died after moved into the house for about 3 years. The family was a happy family.

When we left the farm, both my client and the real estate agent saw a ghostly male image on a second floor window gazing at us.

Property like this one can be audited without using a luopan. By looking at the form you can tell that the males of the house are weak, having no power, does not like to stay home, family members are isolated or hard to get "helpful people" or mentor (instead, running into mean people), strong/ successful (may be bossy) females and high incidence of widowhood.

There is a formula to calculate when misfortune happens and who will suffer with T-junctions or road-clash (taught in my "Advanced Form Feng Shui" class).

There is similar situation in our bedroom FS-- tiger side or dragon side of the bed is too big or too narrow. The effects are taught at my "Sha Avoidance Feng Shui" (don't worry, no one will die).

We can learn a lot from the tiger.

Ken Lai

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

4P/ Date-selection & the Case of Cat Murderer

"Cat murderer? You mean ..."

No, it is not what you think. It is a real cat murder case."

"How do 4P has something to do with it?"

Well, at least the cat will not die in vain. Here is a news report from a Hong Kong Chinese newspaper:

The report is in Chinese, here is the heading and summary:

"Cook got a 3-week jail sentence for sadistic killing of a kitten"

"A school cook had thrown a 10-week old kitten to the ground thrice, causing the blood-vomiting death of the cat. He was sentenced to jail for 21 days and HK$5000 fine (US$650)."

I do not want to bombard you with minor details, here are the data that we are interested if you want to find something related to 4-Pillars and date-selection.

1. The cat-murderer is 50 years old.
2. He is a cook.
3. The "murder" happened in April 14, 2007

The followings are 4P deductions from above info:

The killer is 50, so he was born in 1957
* ding-you year pillar

The killer is a cook, so he either
* has a lot of fire in his 4P,
* or fire is his favorable element
* or fire is his unfavorable element

The 4P chart of the day when the cat was killed:

Year: ding-hai
Month: jia-chen
Day: wu-yin
Hour: don't know

The cook killed a cat in a strong tiger day!

Since the cat (yin-wood or tiger) got him into legal trouble (guan-sha or power), so we may deduce the killer is likely to be a weak earth day-master.

Weak earth likes fire, so he becomes a cook.

Wood (yin-tiger) is unfavorable to weak earth DM. Wood is the guan-sha of an earth DM. It creates health and/or legal problems to a weak DM.

"So what do you learn from this case? Grasshopper?"

"If you want to stay out of jail, do not kill a horse in horse-day, a cat in tiger-day, a rooster in rooster day, a mouse in rat-day, a dog in dog-day, an ox in ox-day, ......"

Ain't our governments glad that there is no "human-day" or they cannot hang, shoot, electrocute, or lethal-inject their citizens in "human day"?

You can have so much fun with 4-Pillars, especially if you get my "4P Boot-camp" homestudy video course.

Ken Lai

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Almost FREE "Practical Imperial QMDJ" Video Homestudy Course

It is NOT free, but almost free when you consider the
following expenses (based on a 3-day live seminar):

A. # of days with traveling time: 4
Loss of income for 4 days: US$400- 800
B. Airline ticket: US$300- 500
C. Hotel (3- 4 nights): US$ 300- 500
D. Food: US$150- 300

Total expenses before seminar fee: US$1150 to 2100

3 days seminar tuition fee for "Practical Imperial QMDJ": $1200

So, expenses involved to take a seminar costs as much as or even more than the seminar itself!

With Ken Lai's Video Homestudy course, the saving in traveling expenses can be used to buy the course. So it is like getting the course for free.

Practical Imperial Qi-Men-Dun-Jia Homestudy course includes:
1. 9+ hour of video: completely menu-driven
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3. Four manuals (total over 400 pages)
4. over 2500 digital pages in PDF format
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With Ken's materials, you may learn to use QMDJ in as little as an hour. Eventually you can locate a QMDJ chart and make interpretation in a minute, almost as fast as a PDA or computer.

The course is user-friendly and designed with both idiots and geniuses in mind.

COURSE PRICE: $999 (will be increased to US$1200)

However, if you order before Oct. 15, 2007, you can get it for US$699.

If you mention Ken's Cyber Cafe when ordering, I'll throw in a $100 "ADVANCED CASE STUDIES" CD for FREE (while supply lasts).

To see the DVD menus: com/photos/ 23051496@ N00/show/ with/1291668509/

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For more info, check

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Thanks for reading this announcement!

Ken Lai

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The kitten that sleeps like a human

My niece Sammy was given a female kitten a few weeks ago. She calls it "Mimi".

One interesting thing about Mimi the kitten is-- when it sleeps on a human bed, it sleeps with its back on the bed, that is, it sleeps like a human!

When it sleeps on the floor or on its own bed, it sleeps like a regular cat.

Another strange behavior is: it follows my brother Jimmy all the time or sits next to him if Jimmy is working on his computer.

I asked my brother, "Did you know of any ex-girl friends or female admirers of yours die prematurely?"

"No." Answered Jimmy.

"Oh, if you had, Mimi may be the reincarnation of your deceased female admirer. But since you don't have any, then this kitten probably was a woman that has unfinished business with you in your previous life. Since it is not her turn to be your wife in your current life and she does not want to wait, she reincarnates as a cat to be with you."

"Ha ha ha, when do you become a story-teller?" Asked my brother.

"Make sure you do not tell your wife or she will banish your kitten. You know woman can become jealous even with a kitten." I told Jimmy.

Well, I don't know if Jimmy has told his wife the reincarnation story. But yesterday Jimmy told me that his wife bought home a male kitten.

"Jimmy, your wife probably is jealous of you. So she bought home a male kitten and hopefully will follow her around like yours." I told Jimmy.

"In the worst case scenario, this male cat can distract your female cat admirer and she can regain 100% control of you." I added.

In terms of 4-Pillars explanation, my brother Jimmy is a strong wu-earth day-master with wu-horse animal sign. Wu-earth likes to have yang-wood to loosen the hard earth. Cat is Yin (tiger) or jia wood. Wu-horse combines with yin-tiger and xu-dog. So there is an affinity built-in here.

My niece Sammy is a weak Wood day-master. Bring in a cat (jia-wood) will help her to become more focused.

So far I have not heard if the male kitten follows my brother or his wife.

In Daoist (Taoist) and Buddhist literature, stories of some deceased reincarnate into animals to get close to their current or previous life love ones are pretty common. This also explains some incredible animal stories of saving their masters or animals with unusually high IQ.

Ken Lai

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

How to do a 4P Reading -- without a birthday?

An out-of-state client of mine was in some sort of mid-life
crisis or depression. Jane (not real name) wanted to
"disappear" from her 2 teens and husband.

She emailed me for "wisdom".

Damn! It is hard to charge people for "wisdom".

I told her not to make any hasty decision until I have
checked her 4-pillar chart.

But we got a major problem here: Jane was born in a
war-torn country and does not know her day-of-birth. All
she knows is her animal sign.

There are other ways of doing fortune-reading without a
birthday, like Yi-jing divination method. But 4P is more
personalized and direct method.

How do you do a 4P reading without a birthday?

Today is your lucky day-- top 4P secrets for free.

I asked Jane to send me the birthdays of her children and

I read Jane's fortune through the 4P charts of her husband
and kids.

In her husband's chart, current year ding-hai is clashing
his day-pillar from stem to branch (ti-ke-di-chong) . Day
stem represents her husband and day branch stands for Jane.

This means either Jane or her husband or both may be or
will be in some serious trouble, sickness, injury or
accident this year.

So I told her to stay put, avoid making major decisions,
and take her hubby along to have medical check up. And of
course, go do some charity works to build up good karma.

She took my advice and tided over her current depression.
She now delivers food to the homeless every weekend.

Sometimes, all people need in critical life situations is just
a little help, a little push or simply someone to talk to.

Ken Lai
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

4-Pillars: MORE or LESS pillars? (Pt. 3)

Last time I talked about "Half-pillar" and "1-Pillar astrology". This message is the final part of the series and hopefully will answer the question: should we have MORE or LESS pillars?


Knowledge of 4P is a prerequisite to other branches of Chinese metaphysics, including TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). It is hard to escape away from it if you are into the Chinese Metaphysics.

4-Pillars refers to one's birthday and time.
There are

Year pillar: represents grandparents/ ancestors
Month pillar: represents parents/siblings
Day pillar: represent self/ spouse
Hour pillar: represent children/ subordinates

Each pillar is represented by a jia-zi or binomials. For example, current year's jia-zi is ding-hai (fire-pig). The first word "ding" is the stem and the second word "hai" is the branch (I assume you have some basic knowledge of 4P and will not elaborate the basics here).

The most problematic pillar is the hour pillar. Some people do not record or simply forget the hour of birth. There is also a tendency to report a later time than the actual birth time due to excitement or distraction in cleaning up the newborn and mother.

Then the issue of day-light saving time muddies the issue even further.

If the birth time is at the borderline of a Chinese hour (equals to 2 modern hours) or the borderline of two days, the margin of error is even bigger. If the birth time is in between the switching time between 2 solar months, three pillars out of 4 will be incorrect!

The basic 4P chart shows the "promises" or "potentials" of a person-- it can be "good' or "bad" (in terms of good fortune). But it is not final. The final outcome depends on the 10-year luck (10YL) and annual luck (AL) pillars.

Fortunes, misfortunes or major events happen when there are interactions (in terms of nurturing/controlling cycles) between the pillars.

10YL and AL are like two extra chances for you to grab some good luck. Conversely, 10YL and AL can also spoil the good fortune in your original 4P chart.

There is a saying, "Good Yun (luck pillars) is better than good Meng (4P chart)". It implies good luck periods are more important than a good 4P chart.

In other words, 4-Pillars Astrology actually uses more than 4 pillars. It also uses 10YL and AL pillars. This is a total of SIX pillars (not to mention sometimes we use annual month pillar and even annual day/hour pillars. Then there will be a potential of 9 pillars!)

Some "smart" people try to add another pillar to the 4-Pillar system. The common one is to further differentiated the hour pillar into subdivisions of 10 minutes, 15 minutes and so on, to create a "minute" pillar out of it.

As mentioned before, the hour pillar is problematic due to human reporting errors. Adding another pillar to the system based on a problematic pillar is likely to compound the problem.

Of course, if the hour reported is correct, then there might be some utilization of this "minute pillar". But it will take a long time to prove it.

One may "outsmarts" the "5-Pillar" crowds by adding the sixth pillar--- the "seconds pillar" (and eventually "nano-seconds" pillar if you want to be the King of the 4P Hill.)

However, in science, precision or "parsimony" is preferred. The more variables you add into a model, the less it explains.

An ancient method of adding an "informal pillar" without really adding one is roughly separating the Chinese hour (equal to 2 modern hours) into 3 chunks-- beginning, middle and the end. Then assign different outcomes or events accordingly. For example, a famous 4P story about the first emperor of Ming Dynasty, who had worried that people with the same 4P as his might take over his empire. He had located them and was about to chop their heads off.

He had found two other persons with the same 4P as him. One is a very rich merchant in the capital. Another one is a beggar. The emperor was born in the "head" (beginning) of the rooster hour. The rich merchant was born in the body (middle) of the rooster hour and the beggar was born in the ass (end) of the rooster hour.

So, do you think the emperor kill these two fellows?

Another approach is to "draw a gua" (a Yi-jing or Plum Flower or Liu-Ren divination) after doing a 4P reading for further confirmation or predictions. But this becomes mixing another method with 4P analysis (and you pay additional tuition to learn it!)

There are teachers or professional 4P readers secretly add this "gua method" when they read or teach 4P without telling his students or clients. So their students will always wonder, "How does the master do it?" They may think that they are stupid or just need to take more 4P classes with this master.

There are another method to get more "mileage" out of the 4P system by converting the pillars to nayin elements and compare nurturing/controlling relationship relative to the day pillar nayin.

Another similar method is converting the pillars into hexagrams and beating on it further.


As you can see 4-Pillars is actually a 6-pillars system. It gives you 6x6 possible combinations. If you add the 5th pillar. It becomes 7x7 combinations. But if your 5th pillar is based on the hour pillar, it probably creates more problems than it intended to solve.

It is not difficult to add more pillars-- minute pillar and down to nano-second pillar. You need to decide if it worths the trouble involved.

Half-pillar astrology is too simplistic with only 12 possible types and can't explain or predict much.

One-pillar astrology has good potential, but it requires more "brain horse-power" and knowledge on the user.

Standard 4-Pillars has been around over a thousand years and have more literatures and empirical cases available for studying.

Any new "invention" in 4P normally takes hundreds of years to be proven. For example, in the 1960's, some 4P masters in Taiwan suggested using Winter Solstice as the beginning of the solar year. It somehow explains better in certain case studies. Now is 2007, 40+ years since the idea was introduced, there are still very few people use this technique .

So should we have MORE or LESS pillars? It is up to you (and your pocket book)!

So what should we do? Just stick with whatever you have learned, drill the basics and fundamentals, practice and ignore the marketing hype out there. Whatever "new inventions" or "cool" out there are likely repackaged from less effective old ideas dumped decades ago or will take a few life-times to be proven.

The experience of my 4P students shows that if they have mastered the basics of combinations and clashes and drilled on 4P cases heavily for 3- 6 months, they can become pretty good at 4P and can even teach some basic to intermediate 4P courses in less than a year.

The major problem with most 4P students, including myself (when I was young), are not spending enough time to understand the basics. Instead, we look for shortcuts or "magic bullets" that will make us a 4P expert overnight.

There are many "magic bullets" available for sale-- from blind-guy stuff, shen-sha to mainland China's "New Pai 4P"-- all promise top secrets for your dollars.

But students should not bear all the responsibility. it is also due to the lack of books and courses dealing with basics in sufficient details. It is hard to find a good 4P basics book even in Chinese.

Teachers can only guide you to a certain extent. Frequent practicing of 4P readings is the key to learn 4P. Buying or taking new 4P courses is no substitute to doing the actual practices.

4P is easier than Feng Shui in the sense that you don't need to go out to do it. You simply locate some birthdays of famous people and your friends and practice on your own in the comfort of your own home.

Ken Lai

Monday, September 10, 2007

4-Pillars: MORE or LESS pillars? (Pt. 2)

My last message talks about some people try to "expand" 4-Pillars to more pillars while others try to "shrink" it down to as little as "half" a pillar.


This is the most popular astrology in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan because it is easy to understand. In a way it is similar to the 12 constellations astrology that we read from newspapers.

This method simply uses the birth year animal of a person to make mostly annual and monthly predictions. So it is limited to 12 categories of luck profiles since there are only 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac.

There are variations of this method, such as adding a season to put more complexity into the prediction. This is like adding the birth season into the equation, so it raises its prediction power quite significantly.

Another variation, which is like adding another half-pillar from the back-door-- is taking into consideration of the birth year stem. For example, if one were born in ding-hai year (2007), then this person is a fire-pig. So suddenly, not all pig-persons are identical. There are water-pig, wood-pig, earth-pig, metal-pig and fire-pig. This increases the possible variations to 60!

This method drops 3 pillars out of the 4 pillars, taking only the day-pillar as center of reference. It does not look at 10-year and annual luck periods like standard 4P.

One may ask: You need to find out year and month pillar in order to get the day-pillar. Why not look at them at the same time?

There are 60 "jia-zi' or binomials in the Chinese 60-jia-zi time cycle, so there are 60 types of "variations" that can be cross-tabulated in terms of personalities, family relationships, fates and the like.

It exploits the "12 Life Stages" of 10 stems extensively.

One-Pillar astrology seems to have raise some interests in Taiwan lately.

It is not unusual to see people or teachers recycle old methods or emphasizes like 'shen-sha', 'na-yin', 'hexagrams' and the like to attract new students or buyers. It is like the fashion industry which recycles old designs after 30- 40 years.

What is hot today is likely picked up from historical garbage can and repackaged as top secrets or results from "new researches".

Well, time for a cup of tea... I will continue next time on more 4+ pillar tricks.

Ken Lai

Sunday, September 9, 2007

4-Pillars: MORE or LESS pillars? (Pt. I)

4-Pillars astrology or Bazi (8-words) utilizes one's birth date and hour to make predictions on one's life events and fortune.

Basically 4P uses 5-elements theory, Yi-Jing and statistics to make predictions. What it tells you are just POTENTIALS, POSSIBILITIES and NOT certainties.

Some sensational teachers/ readers make 4P predictions sound as if they will happen for sure.

"You will have a serious accident next year!"

"Your husband will die next year!"

"You will never be able to conceive."

It is a questionable practice to tell clients as if disaster will strike for sure. Some street level fortune-tellers use this trick to get clients purchase more services or "fixes".

4P predictions are just "blue print" of one's life which are subject to changes due to Feng Shui, geography, individual class background, birth place imageries and individual determination and motivation.

The above may explain why there are over 100 babies born per hour in the world with identical 4P charts and yet they experience different life events and fate.

There have been attempts to expand 4-Pillars to 5-Pillars or even more.

There are also attempts to shrink 4-Pillars down to.... half a pillar!

To your surprise, "Half-pillar" actually is the most popular astrology in China.

Well, it is my nap time. I'll talk about these variations of "Pillars" next time.

Ken Lai

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Investigative 4-Pillars: "Couple Wins Millions in Lottery - Twice"

The odds of winning first prize in lottery ONCE is 22.5 million to one.

Yet a New York couple has won lottery twice:

"Adeline and Eugene Angelo won $5 million Thursday after buying the winning ticket in last week's New York Lotto. In 1996, they won $2.5 million after splitting a $10 million jackpot with three other people....

Eugene Angelo, 81, said he and his wife would share their new fortune with their three sons and their families. Taking the lump-sum payment of $2.5 million, Eugene and Adeline and each of their sons will get about $513,000 before taxes.

Adeline Angelo, 74, a retired medical secretary, said she hoped the new money will "buy us good health and longevity."
--- Associated Press

Many 4P enthusiasts would love to have the 4P charts of this couple. But we could at least do some investigation based on the info presented in this news.

** Wife is 74, so she was born in 1933
gui-you year (water-metal)

** Husband is 81, so he was born in 1926
bing-yin year (fire-wood)

** They have won lotto once in 1996
bing-zi year (fire-water)

** They won again in 2007
ding-hai year (fire-water)

Now you should see some patterns. They hit the jackpot when the year is fire-water in nature. So fire or water is either their wealth element OR it strengthens their day-masters (depending on the strength of their DM).

The 4P chart when they won on Aug. 30, 2007

year: ding-hai (fire-water)
month: wu-shen (earth-metal)
day: bing-shen (fire-metal)
hour: ji-hai (earth-water)

This day is a strong metal-water day. With this info, you can further deduce the possible DM elements of the couple.

Since they hit the jackpot twice, I would speculate that their 4P have lots of wealth elements but with weak DM. Weak DM is able to "suck in" or handle more wealth. Many wealthy tycoons have weak DM.

4P is not just for fortune-telling. It can be used in Feng Shui, date-selection, mate-selection, spying on your competition, 'destiny forensics' and more.

The same technique can also be applied on "event" or "accident" explanation using only minimal info like age and date/time of the event/incident occurred.

Ken Lai

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Feng Shui is HOT-- in Macau casinos

The words "Feng Shui" is buzzing in the media again--- thanks to the grand opening of Venetian Macau casino on August 27.

According to Wall Street Journal,

"Though it is harder for the untrained eye to see, the Venetian has also paid very careful attention to feng shui, the traditional art of designing spaces that are harmonious and auspicious. Matthew Prior, the Sands executive in charge of building the facility, says he worked with a Hong Kong-based feng shui master to vet the orientation, overall design, and use of water in the facility. "We had to balance out all of the key elements," he says.

Feng shui also played a role in the timing of yesterday's activities. Per the master's recommendation, carefully controlled crowds began entering the casino at 7:18 in the evening, a time that, based on Mr. Adelson's birthday, he deemed especially lucky."

This seems to be the first time a western casino executive admits that he uses Feng Shui in his casino.

However, at least in the western media, it is all "harmony and balance" talks which sound as if the casino is taking care of the well-being of the gamblers with Feng Shui.

But the Chinese media in Hong Kong are more blunt. They said most people believe that the Feng Shui designs of casinos are attempts to ensure the gamblers losing their money.

In other words, you should gamble in a casino with bad Feng Shui. OR if you hear a casino is designed with Feng Shui, you probably should stay away from it.

Don't we feel sad that those cool, righteous and spiritual Feng Shui masters or grandmasters, are ganging up with the western capitalists to screw our beloved Asians?

But Feng Shui Masters are also human beings too. They can't refuse a big fat check. There will be more assignments coming as the prelude of Feng Shui battles between Chinese and westerner-owned casinos already begins.

In the early 90's, Las Vegas' MGM Casino had an entrance built in the shaped of a giant lion mouth. Many Asians stayed away from that entrance since it symbolized being 'swallow' alive by a lion.

For an interesting read about form Feng Shui and casino in Macau, check the following:

"You win when you don't gamble."
(quote from Rev. Ken)

Ken Lai
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White Tigers in Form Feng Shui

I was in Mexico City teaching "Practical Date-selection Methods" two weeks ago.

While I was there, my Mexican colleagues took me along to their audit of the corporate headquarters of a major Mexican corporation.

The company has just moved to this new campus for a few months. Problems and lawsuits among long-time partners have surfaced.

The campus has 3 buildings on an area of 300 x200 meters with manicured gardens, fountains and waterfalls. Local TV stations come here often to film their soap-operas.

The building on the right side (tiger side) is the office building with the management and sales stuff housed. The building is zip-zap shaped like a staircase. It is the form for argument and hot temper.

The building on the left side (dragon side) is rectangular in shape. It is used as R&D and warehouse.

The building in the middle is a small building for canteen.

We walked to a certain direction of the office building and saw a pond there.

"Who sits in the office closed to this pond". I asked.

"Me." Answered the youngest son of the owner.

"This pond is called 'white tiger sees mirror'. It will affect the person closed to it. The effects are surgery, accident or sudden death."

I then told him when the events will likely to happen and how to avoid it.

My Mexican colleagues had just did an audit of a multi-millionaire's home. That home has a swimming pool located at "white tiger sees mirror" location. The owner has two sons died of a plane crash.

In Form Feng Shui, there are two other "white tigers" that are also very inauspicious, but not as worse as "white tiger sees mirror." They are:

"White tiger opens mouth"-- this has something to do with the garage door of your neighbor. It affects woman of the house mostly. It causes problem to conceive or miscarriage.

"White tiger exposes bone"-- this has something to do with landscaping rocks in your garden. It affect the woman of the house mostly, causing surgery of the uterus or reproductive organ.

These white tiger stuff are amazingly accurate without using luopan or calculations. They are taught in my "Advanced Form Feng Shui" and "Sha Avoidance Feng Shui" class.

Ken Lai

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Friday, August 10, 2007

PhD Gowns and Dragon Robe

I was surfing in Google's "Feng Shui" image archive the other day. A young entrepreneur has posted the graduation pixes of his metaphysics school there.

The pixes look very impressive . You see the young entrepreneur and his graduates dressed in PhD style gowns and caps. It is a little bit odd to see the young guy granting a super-sized diploma to someone who could be older than his mother. It looks as if the older students were granting him a diploma.

I told myself, "I should do something like that, requiring my graduates to wear PhD style gown and cap."

"No, you should do something better than PhD gowns." My little voice told me.

"Besides, nowadays, even kindergarten and high school graduates wear gowns."

Then lighting suddenly struck inside my head.

I was in China earlier this year and saw "dragon robes" (robe worn by the Chinese emperor) for sale.

Now I can outdo PhD gown by requiring my graduates wearing "dragon robe". They will be granted the titles of "Emperor of Feng Shui", "Empress of Feng Shui", "Emperor of 4P" .... and so on.

This for sure will blow away titles like "master" or "master-trainer".

Only 20 graduates will be granted these highest possible titles, so book yours ASAP!

Ken Lai

Thursday, August 9, 2007

"Let's kill the number 4!"

A few days ago, the Hai-Kou city of Hai-nan Island of China, has announced that they will no longer use the number 4 for their car license plate registrations.

The officials maintain that citizen does not like the number four.

"Four" sounds "si" in Chinese. It also sounds like "death" in Chinese too.

Superstition? It is all about "Yi-tou", a Chinese term that is difficult to translate into English. It is something like "building up a premonition"--- in this case, an inauspicious premonition-- to see a number that reminds you of death.

The word "death" can also mean failure in Chinese.

This is similar to westerners' dislike of the number 13.

The Tramp Tower, if I remember right, has no 13th floor. Similar thing found in some buildings in Hong Kong or China, there is no 4th or 14th floor. It is harder to sell units in the 4th and 14th floor of a building.

In the case of 14th floor, the meaning is even worse-- it sounds like "guaranteed death" (or doomed!) in Chinese sound.

On the other hand, the number 7 which is regarded lucky in the west, is not that lucky in Chinese custom.

"7" is a unit of counting for the number of days that a person had died. We have "the first 7" to mean someone had died 7 days (with a special ceremony). At the 49th days (4 x 7) there will be another ceremony for the departed.

Here is a little known secret about the number 7--- house street address with the number 7 (e.g.: xxx7) or the numbers of the a street number total 7 (e.g. 124= 1+2+4 =7) , has high probability of being haunted or found with ghost inside the house.

Ken Lai

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Medical Feng Shui—leukemia

This is a health case that I've been working on for over two years. I try to be brief here.
Husband was diagnosed as having leukemia in 2001.

All 4-pillars have clashes, sign of severe sickness or even death.

House was built in 1962, moved in 1972, roof replaced once during early 80's. After calibration with actual events happened, the house is still a Period 5 house. There is no guarantee that the period of a house will change with a roof replacement!

112 degree, unstable luopan needle, indicating energy around house is not stable. 112 degree is also within the "replacement star" region. This is a red flag.

Flying Star-- for timing
Ba Zhai-- for health
San Yuan Nine Palace (Master Chang Tai-I's version)--
for measuring quality of qi inside the house
Sha Avoidance -- for avoiding major "shen-sha", most misfortunes are activated by shas (li qi).
House is well-kept and tidy, typical rambler built in the '60s. No visible "sha" around the house accept sharp roof-top points into the window of the master bedroom in SW (1-2-5).
Clean and tidy, as the couple's kids have left the house and married. The study room (W, 5-7-9) has erratic magnetic field, indicating either bad qi there or some spirits. Later found that the young girl of previous owner died in this house. And patient had spent a few hours per day in this room doing qi-gong.

843 397 125
934 752 579 sitting
488 216 661

Master bedroom is in SW 1-2-5 area, with part of 5-7-9 lies in the pillow of patient.

Kitchen is in NW 6-6-1.

Living room spread over 4-8-8, 9-3-4, 2-1-6

Main door is in 4-8-8, but was rarely used.