Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tora! Tora! Tora!

Don't worry, the Japanese did not bomb Pearl Harbor again (they have done it again with Toyota, PS/2 and Nintendos machines many years ago).

By today we have almost 3 weeks of  the year of Tiger. Some of us may already have felt the wrath of Grand Duke Tiger because tiger or yin, offers more opportunities to win or lose in the 4P or Bazi lottery.

Yin (tiger):
1. clashes monkey-- aka "clashing Grand Duke"
2. combines with hai (pig) to form wood
3. forms fire-3-unity with wu (horse) and xu (dog)
4. forms very strong wood-3-meeting with mao (rabbit) and chen (dragon)
5. forms 3-penalty with si (snake) and shen (monkey)
6. forms 6-damage with hai (pig)
7. forms 6-harm with si (snake)

I had crushed my middle finger by the door of my car (metal tiger) in the first day of the lunar new year. The clogged blood under my finger-nail looks like a tiger head with mouth open! Fortunately Minnesota is so damn cold that my finger did not feel any pain. Besides, this will prevent me from using that finger to swear at people-- may save my life later.

I have also discovered there are quite a few sudden deaths or serious events happened among friends or famous personalities. It is understandable as yin, in terms of luck periods, is the "turning corner" (changing direction from north to east) from winter (hai, zi, chou) to spring (yin, mao, chen). It is a change of season and 4P charts that do not like wood energy will experience major changes.

For people who already have shen and si (from natal and luck pillars), the arrival of yin year will also activate the yin-si-shen 3-penalty. The desirability of the result depends on the favorability of the elements penalized.

Generally speaking, 3-penalty mostly jinxes DM's close relatives. If the "clashing element" (eg. shen and yin) is in the spouse palace, day-master's (DM)s spouse or DM itself will suffer either separation, divorce, accident, serious sickness or even death. If the clashing element is in month branch, this could mean sibling/parent may run into serious accident or sickness. Similar logic for year and hour pillar.

3-penalty can be positive under certain conditions.  Examples of a positive 3-penalty would be someone suddenly becomes famous overnight.

There is another scenario that yin can create super misfortune/ fortune for you--- I'll tell you later if I remember. Enough top secrets for a day. Time for a nap.

Ken Lai

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Wealth Day?

It is Yin hour (3- 5am) of Feb. 9 when I write this message. The 4P chart for someone born during this hour will be:


A 4P chart with 4-tigers! Definitely will face some major problems during Monkey year. Other than that, it is a pretty good chart.

On the other hand, in terms of date-selection, if wood (tiger, rabbit) is your wealth and favorable element, today at this hour is the best time to buy a lotto. This person is ME or any person with metal day-master!

But there is a snowstorm and below zero temperature here in Minnesota, so I'll go out later to buy that lotto ticket.

I'll go to a lotto shop in the east or SE during wei hour (13:00- 15:00) since I can't make it in Yin or Mao hour (too early). Do you know why?

Remember, just buy one ticket! If you lose your shirt on this--- serve you right!

PS1: People with monkey sign--- be careful! Today you are more prone to traffic accident or limb injury.
PS2: People with wood as wealth element but UNFAVORABLE, avoid gambling today, including buying lotto.

Ken Lai
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grand Duke Remedy for the Chinese New Year

Though the Chinese Lunar New Year will be on Feb. 14 of this year, the Year of Tiger officially starts at Spring Solstice (Li-chun) or Feb. 4. 

According to Chinese custom, a new ruler of the year, or Grand Duke (Tai-sui) will come for each year.  For 2010 or Geng-yin (metal-tiger) year, the Grand Duke is General Wu Huan.  Pleases see his picture on the talisman image enclosed here.

For 2010, Grand Duke sits on Northeast, specifically, the Yin mountain (NE3).  If your house faces NE3, it is considered "clashing Grand Duke".  The residents may face accidents, obstacles or losing wealth.  The cure is minimizing movements in the facing and put a Grand Duke talisman (see sample here) facing NE3.

On the other hand, if your house sits on Yin mountain, it is considered having the support of Grand Duke.  The tenants will do better in business ventures and competition.  Historically speaking, countries at war with Grand Duke at their back are likely to win.

In terms of individuals, people who have something to do with current year's Grand Duke are generally considered "violating Grand Duke".  But in reality this "violation" can be distinguished in 3 ways:

1.  People who have the same animal sign as the Grand Duke are considered "on duty" or "zhi 植" with Grand Duke. For 2010 , people who were born in Tiger years (1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998) are "on duty" with Grand Duke. The symptoms will be minor sickness, emotionally inbalanced and minor misfortunes.

2.  People who animal sign that clashes the Grand Duke are "chong" or clash Grand Duke.  For 2010, people with monkey animal sign (born 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992) are clashing Grand Duke for the year.  This is the most serious Grand Duke violation that may cause:
-- career changes (promotion or demotion)
-- moving
-- frequent travels
-- major monetary losses or bankruptcy
-- death in the family
-- major sickness/ surgery
-- accident or death

3.  People who have animal sign that "penalizes" Grand Duke.  For 2010, people who have snake (si) animal sign (born 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1972, 1984, 1996) penalize Grand Duke.  Penalizing is less severe than clashing Grand Duke.  The symptoms are: bickering, backstabbing, legal problems and lawsuits.

One way to cure this Grand Duke violation is to carry the Grand Duke talisman shown here.  However, a mere reproduction of this talisman does not have the divine energy to fix the problem.  A talisman needs to be "activated" or "benedicted" by a Daoist teacher or priest to be effective.  A benediction easily costs US$60.

Here is the special offer-- for a donation of US$30 to the charitable organization listed below (or any of your local charity pre-approved by me), I will send you an indiviudal benedicted Grand Duke Talisman.  You simply forward me the email acknowledgment of your donation (or scanned image of the donation receipt).  No money will go through me.  You send the donation DIRECTLY to the charity.  I will pay the postage for sending the talisman to you.

The followings are some suggested charities:
UNICEF for Haiti children

"Save the Children" for Haiti children

American Red Cross (you may donate to your local Red Cross)

To calculate the equivalent of US$30 to your local currency:
Online currency calculator 
If you need more than one Grand Duke Talismans, here is the discount schedule:
--one talisman     US$30 donation
--two talismans   US$50 donation
--three talismans  US$60 donation
Talisman that is grounded with a charity event works more effectively because it has an exchange of one type of energy to protection energy.
Please forward your donation receipt to:
This unique talisman is custom-made and invokes many powerful deities for protection and blessing.  You can not buy it anywhere.  Each talisman is individually activated and blessed with your name and/or address. Here are the inscriptions inside the talisman:
口奄om佛fó勅令chi-ling太tài歲 __年nián ___

By the order of Buddha: Grand Duke Geng-Yin, General  Wu Huan to station here

日rì *月yuè * Sun * Moon
太tài陽yáng星君xīng-jūn * 太tài陰yīn星君xīng-jūn *
Deity of Grand-Yang (sun)* Deity of Grand-Yin (moon)

勅令chi-ling六liù甲jia神shén將jiān * 勅令chi-ling *
天tiān官guan賜cì福fú *
Order 6-Jia Celestial Generals: order Celestial Officicials to offer blessings (to this family)

勅令chi-ling鎮zhèn宅zhái光guāng明míng *
Order to guard and secure the righteousness of this family

雷雷雷雷雷léi * (5) Thunder

北běi斗dǒu星君xīng-jūn * 太tài陰yīn娘niáng娘niáng *
Deity of North Dipper * Queen of Grand-Yin (moon)

勅令chi-ling六liù丁dīng天tiān兵bīng *
Order 6-Ding Celestial soldiers

勅令chi-ling * 招zhāo財cái進jìn寶bǎo *
Order the drawing of wealth and treasure (into this family)

勅令chi-ling * 合hé家jiā平píng安ān
Order the granting of security and peace

Thank you for reading this message.

Ken Lai

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Judgment on the Feng Shui Battle of the Century

Tony Chan, the lover of late Nina Wang, had lost the court battle for the control of Wang's huge estate.

Judge Lam concludes:
1.  Someone had faked Wang's signature on the 2006 will that will give Chan control on her estate.
2.  Lam has not made any determination if the will is a "Feng Shui will" or not.
3.  Chan and Wang's relationship is strictly client and Feng Shui practitioner business relationship and that Wang's intention is to hide the love relationship forever.
4.  Chan had pleasured Wang but Wang will not willed her empire to Chan.

So this sounds like a King Solomon type decision to bypass whether Feng Shui works or any supernatural argument.

The focal critical point of the whole battle is the authenticity of the 2006 will.  The issue of "Feng Shui will" and the love relationships are side-tracks.

Nina Wang had willed her fortune to charity.  So this is a victory for charity!  But Chan's lawyers said they may appeal.

Tony Chan can be in a tough financial situation as the Hong Kong Tax authority can go after the income tax for the huge amount (almost US$400M) that Nina Wang had given him.  I think Chan's original intention for this court battle is to get an out-of-court settlement without going through the court system.

Ken Lai

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