Thursday, December 27, 2018

Top Secret Bazi Laws: Numerous vs. None

Today is your lucky day to see the last batch of top secrets of the year. 

Below are some secret Bazi laws that masters use to do quick reading:


Note:  If you are not familiar with the terminology used here, check this link:

Chart with numerous (3+)
  1. +wealth (zheng-cai):  Daymaster (DM) is likely stupid
  2. -wealth (pian-cai):  DM likely works too much
  3. +power (zheng-guan):  DM is likely a lower class member/ depressed 
  4. -power (qi-sha):  DM is likely to die prematurely
  5. +resource (zheng-yin):  DM is likely alone/ solitary
  6. -resource (pian-yin):  DM is likely a vicious person
  7. +output (shang-guan):  DM is likely a disaster/ arrogant
  8. -output (shi-shen):  DM worries too much/ likes eating
  9. +peer (bi-jian):  DM is likely a failure/ fantasizes too much
  10. Yang-knives (+peer):  DM likely has disability
  11. Lu (-peer):  DM likely lives in poverty
  12. Traveling Horses (yin/shen/si/hai):  DM travels a lot/ mobile, can't sit still
  13. clashes:  instability and insecurity for DM
  14. combinations:  DM is enthusiastic and sociable
  15. more yang than yin pillars:  DM is open and honest
  16. more yin than yang pillars:  DM is not open and suspicious of others
  17. tomb-storages (chen/xu/chou/wei): DM is likely jinxing close relatives

Chart with NO:
  • wealth star:  DM is "not real" (everyone needs wealth to survive)
  • power star:  DM has less pressure
  • resource star:  DM has shortage of blessing

Of course, you also need to read other parts of a chart before you giving out comments based on above laws.  There are always exceptions such as special profile charts which may give totally opposite meanings.

As you can see, a tiny paragraph written in  Chinese takes almost one page to translate in brief.  It would have taken another 2 pages if I explain what these mean in details.   


Ken Lai
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