Thursday, April 7, 2016

Garbage can location affects your luck

In Feng Shui, every major direction represents a member of the family.  Please check the following diagram taken from my "Practical Door Feng Shui for Wealth" course manual:

Garage can holds wastes and emits negative qi or energy. The location where you put your garbage can will have serious consequence for the family member represented by that location.  For example, if the garbage can is put in NW location, the oldest male (usually the father, the major breadwinner) may suffer bad luck like tarnished reputation, demotion, business or career failure and the like.  Same problems for the mother of the house if the garbage can is put in SW location.

In business, if the garbage can is in the NW location, the owner will not be respected by the subordinates and likely to fail.  NW or Qian location represents the head or owner of a business or office.

I know you may have a problem because every direction represents the location for a family member-- you may not want to "sacrifice" anyone by putting the garbage can in that location.

Today is your lucky day-- below is the top Feng Shui secret of where to put your garbage can without hurting anyone.

In Feng Shui and 4-Pillars, Chen (dragon), Xu (dog), Chou (ox) and Wei (ram) locations or mountains are called "tombs " or "storages 仓库".  These are the locations to put your garbage can without turning your family member into "garbage".
Green arrows point to "storage" locations


How to find the 4-storages sectors?

1.  Draw a proportional floorplan of your house and put a protractor over the center of the plan.
2.  Mark the degrees around the floorplan.
3.  Locate the directions below:
  • Chen mountain (SE1): 112.5- 127.5 degree
  • Xu mountain (NW1): 292.5- 307.5 degree
  • Chou mountain (NE1): 22.5- 27.5 degree
  • Wei mountain (SW1): 202.5- 217.5 degree

In Feng Shui, negative energy will have minimal effect when you cannot see and smell it.  Hence, keeping the small waste baskets inside your house or business clean/ covered (if there is organic waste) and inconspicuous is OK too.

Ken Lai

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