Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Secrets of changing "house period" or "Heaven's Heart"

Below is an excerpt from the chapter on "Secrets of changing 'house period' or 'Heaven's Heart'" of the upcoming new course "Period 8-9-1 Feng Shui Period Upgrade and Property Purchasing Bible".


The time dimension of some Feng Shui schools, especially those under the San Yuan banners, follows the 180 years cycle (divided into 3 Yuans/ 9 Periods).  San Yuans mean three 60 years cycles with Upper, Middle and Lower Yuan.  Each Yuan is sub-divided into 3 periods of 20 years each.  Currently (2020, when this chapter is written) we are under the Period 8 of Lower Yuan which will end in 4 years.  This period changing issue becomes critical if someone plan to buy a property before 2024.  Any new property buyer may NOT want his or her property becomes "not Feng Shui timely or auspicious" after 2024 when Period 9 arrives.

Most schools would pay varies degree of attention to the concept of "period"-- the period when the house was constructed or when the residents moved into the house.  Flying Star Feng Shui pays most attention to the period idea because it will determine the quality of the house chart.

"Period" is important because it determines which star is "timely" or auspicious.  For example, in Period 8, the 8-white earth star is "timely" and 9-purple star is "future timely" or second auspicious.  Flying Star Feng Shui prefers having the "timely" water star in the facing and "timely" mountain star in the sitting (followed by the "future timely").

Assuming now is P8 and your P8 house is designed to take advantage of the 8-white earth star, but by 2024, 8-star will no longer be timely or auspicious.  Flying Star has some methods to "change the period" of a house to rejuvenate the qi or energy of the house (to be discussed in the video).

Bazhai or 8-Mansions Feng Shui does not really care about the period of a house and neither adhere to the concept of changing the period of a house.  The primary concern is the main door and bedroom are put in one of the four auspicious sectors of the house.  Some versions of Bazhai Feng Shui may incorporate the Purple White annual chart to explain the activation of events. 

Basic Bagua Feng Shui cares about the concept of period but has no provision of changing the period of a house.  It does, however, suggesting moving the door to the auspicious direction of the current period, i.e., for Period 8, put door in the northeast and Period 9, put door in the south. 

Purple White Feng Shui also cares about the period concept but has no mention of changing the period of a house.  Similarly to Flying Star, it suggests putting the door in the timely or auspicious star location. 

There are many methods to change the "period" or "heaven's heart" of a house.  Below are some traditional methods:

1.  Make a hole in the roof above the center of the house and let sunshine shine through for certain number of days (from 7, 49 or 100 days, depending on Feng Shui school).

2.  Move away and let the house empty for certain number of days (from 49- 100 days).

(more methods listed in the manual) 

The methods listed above may be too expensive or not possible to do (like if you live in a multi-storeys building shared with other tenants).  Check the course video to see some inexpensive methods of changing the period of a house.